Why You Should opt for a Winter Pool Install

Summer is over for another year, so you might be thinking there’s no point moving forward with the backyard swimming pool you’ve always dreamed of.

Just because temperatures around New Zealand are falling though, doesn’t mean you should put your dream on hold. In fact, when it comes to swimming pool installations, winter is truly the perfect time to build pools, and you’ll find that organising your pool to be installed in the winter months will make life easier for you in so many ways.

Below, we explore three core reasons why installing your pool this winter will turn your next summer into your best yet!


Summer is generally peak season for pool builders along with many other trades, as several families seek to get projects started and finished throughout the school holidays. As such, there are usually plenty more pool install spots available during winter. Your local pool builder isn’t the only trade who is more likely to be available either; others that you could be depending on to complete your backyard project, like landscapers, gardeners and electricians, are also more likely to have availability in winter. Given the likelihood of availability, this means you can arrange to have all the trades you’ll need on-site when it suits you, rather than potentially dealing with delays because of booked up trades.

Completing Landscaping

Once your gorgeous new pool is installed, you can top off your backyard transformation with some surrounding landscaping. There’s no doubt about it though, whenever you are dealing with an outdoor project, there’s always going to be some mess. You could have leftover soil from your pool build that you’re planning to use elsewhere in the garden, you might have landscapers in creating a new poolside garden for you, or you might be doing some planting yourself. Either way, all these projects will require some clean-up at the end. If your projects start in summer, you’ll be cutting into swim time, so a winter install will give you some much-needed extra time to clean-up afterwards. Additionally, doing your poolside planting in winter will ensure your plants acclimate to the environment before warmer weather arrives!

Swim Earlier

A winter pool installation will allow you to begin swimming as soon as it heats up. This means you could get into the pool in spring! Also, if you organise for pool heating with your pool, your swim season can be made significantly longer, so swimming could be on the cards even before spring! Speak to your local Narellan Pools Builder about your options when it comes to pool heating.

Less Impact on your Routines

We all know that the warmer weather of summer encourages us to get outside and spend time in the yard. By opting for a winter pool install, you’ll help to avoid impact on your family routines. During the really cold weather, the kids can stay warm inside, while watching their pool build unfold through the nearest window. Backyards can get messy throughout projects such as pool installations, but this won’t be as much of a deal in winter, given you’re more likely to be spending time inside.

As overseas travel still isn’t on the cards for a while, there has been major demand for our pools. Our clients are wanting to experience summer staycations, with a Narellan Pools’ swimming pool being the centrepoint of fun for their holiday at home. Winter install spots are quickly getting booked across the country, so be sure to contact your local Narellan Pools Builder as soon as possible, to secure your install spot in the winter.

If you’re just at the point of exploring ideas and options, that’s fine! Your local Narellan Pools Builder will be on hand to help when you’re ready. For now, visit our Gallery to get a lot of pool design and colour inspiration, and download our new Narellan Pools AR App to digitally design and then place the pool of your dreams in your backyard. You can even use the app to arrange a Free Quote with your local Narellan Pools Builder, and send them a snapshot of the designs you’ve created in the app!

Let’s begin planning the pool you’ve always wanted, today!

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!