Narellan Go

Ready, Set, Go: Dive Into Your New Dream Pool

With over 50 years experience manufacturing advanced fibreglass pools, we knew there had to be a better way to build an above-ground pool. 

From this ambition, our Narellan Go range was born.  If you’re considering an above-ground pool,  container pool or plunge pool, our Narellan Go “plug and play” range offers an exceptional solution for you.   

With a Narellan Go pool you get to experience the epitome of convenience in pool installation. Simply drop your pool into its desired spot, fill it with water, connect it to power and you’re ready to Go! You don’t even need to worry about tiling the outside, our Narellan Go pool comes completely cladded, saving you both time and money. 

With a contemporary architectural above-ground design and a variety of customisable options, including pool colours, deck colours and cladding colours, Narellan Go above ground pools effortlessly blend style with functionality, for a unique backyard experience.   


With options for fencing, heating and stairs available, you have peace of mind in knowing your ready made pool offers comprehensive safety features and convenient accessibility.  

Hand-crafted with a full composite construction, Narellan Go pools are made to last and unlike other above-ground pools, Narellan Go pools will never rust, making it the superior pool alternative.  

Our 15-year structural warranty is also unparalleled in the ready made pool industry, meaning you can enjoy peace of mind and confidence in your investment for years to come! 

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for an affordable pool solution or simply seeking a distinct feature for your next project, the Narellan Go range seamlessly combines affordability with exceptional design. 

Unique Features & Benefits

Superior Quality

Hand made by our team, our Narellan Go range is made from the best quality composite materials, ensuring the upmost strength and longevity. While traditional container pools rust and deteriorate over time, Narellan Go pools won’t rust, providing you with the durability you deserve in a pool.   

The Narellan Go range also offers a distinct advantage by utilising the look, feel and durability of fibreglass for the internal pool shell. This sets it apart from concrete plunge pools, which may be susceptible to cracking or leaking over time. Fibreglass shells offer exceptional strength and resilience so, you can confidently enjoy your swimming pool for years to come and focus on making long lasting memories with your family! 

Enhanced Affordability

One of the major benefits of a Narellan Go pool is that it is lightweight compared to a concrete pool. This means you’ll save on cranage costs, engineering costs and the costs associated with building a foundation that supports a heavier pool.  

By offering a selection of decking and external cladding options for your Narellan Go pool, we also provide you with another cost-saving advantage. Not only will your pool look great, but you will save on the expenses of tiling the pool’s exterior as this cost is included in the price of your pool. 

Architectural Look & Feel

Thanks to its contemporary design and extensive customisation options, our Narellan Go range simply is the best above-ground ready to go pool in regard to overall look and feel.

With 180 different combinations of pool colours, deck colours and cladding colours available, you have the freedom to create a pool that perfectly suits your individual taste, whilst complementing your outdoor space. For a truly unique and personalised pool design, Narellan Go is the ultimate choice.

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We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!