4 Ways To Enhance Your Swimming Pool Design

Have you recently examined your pool area and wondered if there were simple ways to enhance its current look and feel? The flexibility homeowners have in terms of enhancing an in-ground pool and its surrounding environment is quite extensive. If you thrive on change, there are lots of ways to improve your current pool design dramatically. Some are quick and cost-effective.  Others may take a bit more work, but will ultimately help you continue to enjoy your backyard oasis for years to come.

Look for Fun Features

There are various features that can help change your pool’s environment or functionality. Some are easy additions, while others are a bit more elaborate. For example, waterfalls and fountains may take a bit of work to incorporate into your existing structure. However, installing lights are a quick and easy way to add fun and make an impact. LED lights, in particular, are an addition that can be an easy weekend DIY but will transform your pool area during the evening hours.

Update Your Pool

For a dramatic change to your current pool design, consider updating your pool itself. Replacing a concrete or vinyl lined pool with a fibreglass swimming pool is a great replacement option. Why? Fibreglass pools offer a more modern look, lifetime warranty and fantastic colour choice.

Fill in with Foliage

The area surrounding your pool can be greatly enhanced with added greenery. Plants improve privacy and help incorporate shade while making the entire backyard feel like a luxurious escape. For something equally dramatic, consider installing a vertical garden that will provide a modern backdrop for your poolside.

A full re-landscaping project can completely change the environment, but you don’t have to commit to a complete teardown of your surroundings to add more plants to the poolside. By adding some strategically placed pots in various locations you’ll be bringing the natural world into your backyard in an affordable way.

Create Environments for Communal Gathering

Changing the levels around a pool can be a fun way to add depth to your back yard while creating more lounging and entertainment space. Floating decks built up just above your existing deck or patio will allow you to expand in surprising ways. Once installed, it’s only a matter of adding furniture to the floating decks to get them ready for visitors. For example:

If you want to create a space that lends itself to both relaxing and socialising, adding new lounge chairs and outdoor seating will help set the scene for guests. Even just getting new covers or pillows for existing outdoor furniture will help renew your poolside!

Also, if you’ve overlooked shade options in the past, a re-vamp of your pool area will be the perfect time to look for covered solutions that help protect you from the elements. Shade sails and pergolas are super simple structures to install near the pool that will create natural gathering spaces, help protect you from the environment, and add a bit of luxury to your backyard.

For those who are consummate entertainers, it may even be time to add an outdoor bar or kitchen as well as a designated dining area that accommodates for outdoor dinner parties and various other social gatherings.

If you’re looking for smart additions to your existing pool, or are ready to take the plunge by committing to installing a brand new pool,  speak to the Narellan team today to learn more about our Swimming Pool Range and the variety of options available to you.

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!