Custom Pool & Spa Packages to Suit Your Lifestyle

When it comes to creating a beautiful backyard oasis, a pool is just the beginning. To transform this area into a lavish sanctuary that can be enjoyed all year round, a gorgeous spa is an essential!

Spas not only enhance the overall look and feel of your pool area but they also offer a serene and comfortable place for you to enjoy during the colder months.

With Narellan Pools, you have the freedom to design your own pool and spa retreat tailored to your unique circumstances and dreams. Unlike other pool providers that offer a standard fixed position pool and spa combination, our pools and spas are sold separately. This provides you with the opportunity to mix and match various styles of pools & spas, creating a truly unique space.

It also means you can position your pool and spa to fit your backyard, ensuring the pool entry and spa location are in the optimal position.

Whether you envision your spa in its own separate area or prefer a connected design that seamlessly integrates your spa and pool, our pool builders will help guide you to achieve your dreams.

If you are looking to create a space that can be utilised by the whole family, our splash decks are the perfect addition to your pool and spa area. Whether you’re seeking a spot you can lay out and relax in or a space for the kids to safely splash around, our splash decks are designed to meet your family’s needs and provide endless fun and enjoyment.

Don’t get talked into a fixed pool and spa combination that is just “ok”. Reach out today to get a quote on a custom Narellan Pools pool and spa combination that ensures you have the backyard of your dreams.

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!