Selecting the right pool colour for you

There are many exciting decisions to be made when planning the pool of your dreams; chief among them is getting to choose your pool colour. It’s incredible seeing your new backyard addition come to life, and the colour of your pool brings it all together!

If this will be the first time you buy a pool, you might be unsure which pool colour to go for. There are many factors that can determine the right colour for your pool, and to help you feel confident when it comes time to choose your pool colour, we’ve put together a list of those factors to think about.

Landscaping plans

When designing your dream pool space, there’s usually more than just the pool involved. You may wish to landscape around and near your pool, so consider your poolscaping and landscaping plans and the colours that will feature as part of those. For instance, your pavers may be one area you really want to showcase. If you have pale, icy-toned pavers, you’ll find the Narellan Pools Marbleglass colours Blue Agate and Grey Quartz, complement them perfectly.

Exterior colours

Your choice of pool colour should also take into consideration the colours of your home’s exterior. To prevent any clashes of your exterior colours and pool colour, try to select a pool colour that will mesh with those outdoor tones. For instance, red brick homes look beautiful with pools in bright, bold colours such as Narellan Pools’ Blue Azurite or Silver Pearl. All-white exteriors allow you more flexibility with colour choice, so consider the other factors in this blog and make your decision from there.

Sunlight and shade 

The position of the pool can really change the way colours are perceived. Whether a pool will be in constant shade or under sunlight for much of the day, is something to think about. Your pool colour will look vastly different when it is in full sun, as opposed to when it is in shade. A pool in full shade benefits from being a bright colour, to work against the lack of light. Mediterranean Pearl or Aquamarine, from Narellan Pools’ Marbleglass range, would be great options for pools in shade. For a pool that gets plenty of sunlight, colours like Narellan Pools’ Whitehaven Pearl and Blue Agate will stand out beautifully.

Cleaning the pool

Debris can be hidden by certain pool colours, but attention can be drawn to it by other colours. If seeing leaves and debris in your pool would frustrate you, a darker colour from the Narellan Pools range, like Black Onyx or Blue Azurite, will be better able to disguise the debris. On the other hand, if you’d prefer to see debris so you can get on top of the cleaning straight away, opt for a lighter colour for your pool.

When you find the perfect colour for your pool, it’s incredibly exciting. While selecting your pool colour asks you to consider various factors, if you want to just go with your favourite colour, you are more than welcome to do so! You should love every aspect of your pool, and if you love the colour, you’ll end up spending more time in it!

Also, keep in mind that as we handcraft each pool with care, no two pools are exactly the same, even when they share the same colour. This means your pool will be totally unique and just as breathtaking as you’d expect!

The Narellan Pools Gallery is a great place to start the journey to the pool you’ve always wanted, as you’ll be able to see our range of pool colours, as shown by real pools in real backyards. You’ll see pools photographed at different times of the day, so you can gauge how the various daylight conditions and surrounding features alter your perception of the colours.

It’s also important to be mindful of how a pool filled with water will look very different to what the pool shell colour is. You will see through the pictures in the Gallery how pool water changes tones depending on the position of the pool, the lighting (whether natural or artificial), weather and the colours surrounding the pool. That’s why the Gallery is such a useful tool!

So check out our range of colours today to get the inspiration you’re looking for. Before long, you’ll have chosen the best colour for your pool oasis!

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!