How to Clean Your Pool Space Over Winter

With winter on its way and swims in your pool becoming less frequent, you may not be thinking of using your pool area at all over the next few months. While you probably will spend more time in-doors over winter, ignoring your pool area during the season isn’t a great idea, as mess and debris can take up residence fast. This means you’ll have heaps to do when the weather heats up and you want to return to regular swim sessions.

It’s best to keep on top of the tasks that need attending to in your backyard, to make sure your pool space is ready when you are. Below are some jobs you should consider doing in winter to get your pool and its surrounds ready for swim season.

Cleaning those Chemicals Up

Over time, you may have collected several pool chemicals and cleaning products, so a stocktake of these products is a great idea. It will help you to determine if there’s any products you can get rid of (always refer to the packaging for instructions on how to dispose of them safely), and any you need to re-order to keep your pool looking brilliant. Remember that your pool chemicals and cleaning products should be placed in a locked a shed or garage, to stop children and pets coming into contact with them.

Pool Toy Tidy-up

If your pool is your kids’ favourite haven or you’re a seasoned poolside entertainer, you’ve probably collected plenty of pool toys and inflatables since your pool was installed, but where have those toys ended up? You might find some in the garden, or others sitting beside the pool. If left exposed to the elements, those pool toys and inflatables could fade or become damaged. Don’t force yourself to buy new pool toys and inflatables each swim season to keep the family happy – hold on to your items for years by storing them appropriately following a swim. Keep them stored separately to chemicals and cleaning products, and make sure they won’t be a tripping hazard, wherever you put them.

Getting the Garden to Glow

We’ve all done it – leave the lawn-mowing and gardening aside during the colder months, so we end up with a jungle of a backyard. By taking the time in winter to do some basic gardening; mowing the lawn, pulling the weeds out and pruning any bushes or plants that need it, you’ll save yourself a world of pain later. You want to avoid garden debris entering your pool area. Some plants can leave stains on unsealed pavers, so consider what’s planted close to your pool space. If you have a pool cover, keep it on while you’re doing the garden jobs to prevent debris falling into your pool. Tip: Look up the forecast and plan your garden clean-up around it, so that you don’t undo all your hard work if a lot of rainfall or strong winds are predicted.

The Other Odd Jobs

Following on from your work in the garden, you might notice other jobs around your pool. For instance, if you have glass pool fences, they could use a proper clean. If your swimming pool is surrounded by pavers, check if they need re-sealing. Take a look at your poolside accessories (pool umbrellas, deck chairs, tables, etc.) to see if there’s anything that needs to be fixed or replaced, and remember to hose down your deck chairs before you get back into the pool, as spiders can hide underneath them!

Your pool area clean-up this winter will give you lots to smile about when it gets warmer. Getting the time-consuming backyard jobs done while it’s cold will allow you to focus on enjoying your pool when the heat returns.

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