Being Water Safe: A Guide for Pool Owners

Installing a pool in your backyard could very well be the most fulfilling addition you make to your property. A perfect space for connecting and re-connecting with family and friends, relaxing on a beautiful afternoon, and getting some daily exercise, a swimming pool can quickly become the focal point of your place.

As a pool owner, you do need to be aware of certain responsibilities. A pool is an inviting and fun space, and to keep it safe and secure for endless hours of enjoyment, appropriate measures should be taken.

It’s important to think about water safety when deciding to install a pool, as your decisions then on aspects such as pool fencing and landscaping, can end up having a big impact on the overall safety of the completed space.

What can you do now, to improve not only the safety of your poolside space, but your family’s safety in and around the pool?

In this article, we’ll delve into those points, and more.

Active Supervision

One of the most important steps you can take to prevent the worst from happening, is making sure you carry out active supervision when anyone is in the pool.

Even if you’re sure everyone in the house knows how to swim – accidents and injuries can happen in a split-second and put even the most confident swimmers in danger.

Active supervision means an adult who is sitting near the pool, closely observes those swimming in the pool.

If you’re busy looking at your phone, cooking, or running in and out of the house for whatever reason – you are not conducting active supervision. With those distractions, you can not pay close attention to those in the pool and ensure they’re okay.

As the active supervisor, make sure you have no distractions around you whilst poolside, just in case you’re needed by someone in the pool.

If you need to attend to something else, ensure everyone in the pool leaves the water and goes inside, until you’re ready to supervise them once more. Alternatively, take turns providing adequate supervision with another adult.

Remember, things can go wrong in seconds, so it’s hugely important to be vigilant in your supervision.

Swimming Lessons and Training Courses

As a pool owner, you should familiarise yourself with Water Skills for Life. Water Safety New Zealand and Swimming New Zealand partnered on the water safety program which was created for children from years one through to eight. The program is based on 27 core skills and highlights key competencies that children should be achieving in order to keep them safe in the water.

Water Skills For Life is taught at school or at a community pool by a swim teacher. Of course, you can always support your child’s water safety education by continuing lessons at home in your own pool.

Your backyard pool provides you the perfect space to guide and encourage your children to improve their swim skills and to teach them about the risks associated with bodies of water.

Use the Water Skills For Life program to assess the skill levels of your children, and to determine what improvements are needed.

If you do have a pool at your property, you might also want to consider taking a first aid course. These courses will ensure you’re equipped with the latest practices and techniques, and having up-to-date first aid skills on hand could prove life-saving for your loved ones.

Pool Fencing and Poolside Safety

It’s really important to regularly check your pool fencing and pool gate, to make sure they’re in proper working condition and do not require repairs.

You can further enhance the safety of your poolside area by installing a pool gate alarm. This alarm will be particularly useful if you have young children in your household, as it will alert you to the pool gate being opened.

Always be on the lookout for risks around your pool, and think about how you can prevent accidents.

The Safety of a Narellan Pool

As mentioned above, there are several ways you can enhance the safety of your pool environment. If you’re at the point of planning to invest in a swimming pool, you might be pleased to learn about the safety features that a Narellan Pool offers. Safety has been a key consideration in our product research and development.

Every pool within the Narellan Pools range features a child safety ledge around its perimeter, which makes it easy for young kids to enter and exit the pool from any side.

Additionally, our Marbleglass pool finish range has been developed to incorporate a smooth-to-touch surface, which delivers a better feel under foot and helps prevent any nicks or cuts that more abrasive pool surfaces can cause. We’re sure the whole family will appreciate that! Of course, the colours in the Marbleglass range are just incredible!

To make the pool of your dreams come to life, engaging professionals is one of the best decisions you can make. Narellan Pools has a network of local pool builders who are highly skilled and experienced, and who can guide you on creating a pool environment that is safe as well as beautiful.

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