Why You Should Consider a Fibreglass Swimming Pool

Transforming your backyard into an oasis with a swimming pool as its centrepiece is an exciting project that will bring years of enjoyment to the household. Once you’ve committed to installing a pool, the next step is to choose which pool will fit your backyard and your budget.  

Fibreglass pools are a popular choice. A fibreglass swimming pool is a pre-fabricated fibreglass shell. It’s made on a mould and contains hand-laid fibreglass with epoxy vinyl resin making it impervious to water. Fibreglass pools can come in a variety of colours and styles and is shipped to and installed on-site in one piece.  

Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing a fibreglass swimming pool.

The price is reasonable

Fibreglass pools are reasonably priced and are, on average, 20% less than cement pools. This is due to the relatively quick installation and low labour requirements associated with fibreglass pools.

The installation is fast

Unlike cement pools that are built on-site, fibreglass swimming pools come pre-fabricated and are delivered to your door, ready for installation. The process is quick and easy, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy your pool a lot faster than you think.

The maintenance is easy

Because your fibreglass shell is non-porous and smooth, it is easy to clean. Its non-porous nature also reduces the likelihood of algae and mould build-up, meaning it’s easier to clean and requires less chemicals to maintain.

There are lots of colours and styles to choose from

Fibreglass pools come in various sizes and have a variety of colour options. Whether you want the appearance of light blue tropical waters, or something a little darker, you’ll be happy to know the colour palette of fibreglass pools is wide and varied.

They work well with mineral pools

If you want a low-maintenance mineral pool instead of traditional chlorinating system, fibreglass swimming pools are your best bet. Mineral swimming pools offer a whole host of benefits besides being easy to look after. 

They are durable

Fibreglass isn’t easily damaged or punctured, and the quality construction means it needs little to no maintenance even after years of use. It also deals with both hot and cold temperatures well and stands up to heavy use beautifully. Narellan Pools Aquaguard gel coat not only protects against bacteria but UV as well to help prevent fading.

They come with a Lifetime Structural Warranty

Narellan Pools inground fibreglass swimming pools come with a Lifetime Structural Warranty to protect against any structural defects. Not only that, every Narellan Pools fibreglass pool shell is embedded with a microchip. This enables you to access all quality certifications and checks conducted at any time during construction and post-construction.

The Narellan Difference

When you are ready to transform your back yard and add a pool to your home, we’re here to help. Our seasoned professionals pride themselves on maintaining transparency throughout the process and explain the costs and installation procedures upfront so homeowners never get blindsided by hidden costs. 

The benefits of a Narellan fibreglass pool include:

  • Internationally accredited ISO9001 manufacturing techniques 
  • Durable shells handcrafted to the highest standard to last a lifetime
  • A Structural Warranty is included for each shell
  • Flexible shells that can adjust to ground conditions
  • Aquaguard gel coats that protects your pool from UV, algae and bacteria
  • Engineering that withstands all weather conditions

 We work with local builders to fulfil our five-step installation process and work with you from the beginning of the project straight through to the end. 

Want to learn more about fibreglass swimming pools? Contact the team at Narellan Pools today!

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!