Why Winter Is A Great Time For Swimming Pool Installation

Many people don’t realise it, but often the best time for swimming pool installation is when summertime swims are far from your mind. It’s best to take advantage of the cooler months to get the pool of your dreams installed, as the work is completed well ahead of summer’s return – meaning you can get straight to swimming when the weather warms up!

If you want to make a massive splash next summer, read on to see 6 advantages of buying and installing a swimming pool during winter.

Your Pool Will Be Ready For Summer

When your swimming pool is installed during winter, you can be sure it will be ready to enjoy for the summer. Your excitement will build as you select your pool, and the building process takes place, knowing that it will be completed and ready to enjoy by the time warm weather hits.

Nothing cools you down during those scorching 40 degree days of summer like a swimming pool in your backyard. What an exciting time knowing that there will be no construction messing up your plans for pool parties, so you’ll be able to enjoy the sunshine as you relax by your beautiful new swimming pool when the warmer months arrive.

Prices Can Be Cheaper

There is often some competitive pricing during the cooler months for swimming pool components and/or installation.

When you discuss your new swimming pool with your chosen builder during this off-peak season, ask them for their advice on how you can save even more money.

More Time To Choose The Perfect Pool

Purchasing a new swimming pool will most likely be a memorable and special family experience that you will look fondly back on for many years afterwards. In winter you can take your time when making these decisions so that you can be sure that they are the right ones.

Each swimming pool installation is completely unique, and there are many options to consider depending on tastes, needs, budget, and even the landscape of the backyard. Not only is there the design of the pool, but the size and colour.

Pool Builders Will Be More Available

The cold weather during New Zealand winter makes it a slower season for swimming pool installation, which means it’s the best time to put pool companies to work. Ask your local swimming pool expert if they are offering any Winter specials.

Keep in mind that the closer you get to the warmer months, install spots will likely fill faster.

No Rush For Pool Completion 

Another reason that winter is a great time of year for swimming pool installation is that there’s no reason to rush. You won’t have to rush the selection process, nor will you need to rush the installation. You can take your time carefully planning everything without the added stress of rushing to have everything complete in time to enjoy it. Plus, you won’t have kids on your back asking when the pool will be ready.   

By purchasing your swimming pool outside of the peak summer season rush, you’ll have plenty of time to have it ready before the hot weather arrives. Instead of being in the middle of the installation process, when summer hits you’ll be enjoying the sunshine while relaxing by your beautiful, brand new pool instead.

More Time For Landscaping

Landscaping often goes hand in hand with swimming pool installation, and if you have a lot of greenery in your poolscaping, you’ll give it plenty of time to grow back and look beautiful again by having your pool installed during winter. Everything will be looking great for swimming pool parties once the weather heats back up again.

When you have your swimming pool installed during winter, your backyard will have anywhere from 4 to 6 months’ time to recover. Your lawn and plants are all going to look better and be stronger as a result.

Don’t forget that after your swimming pool has been installed, there are plenty of bells and whistles to consider. Your swimming pool installation will look so much nicer with chic outdoor furniture and upgraded landscaping. Winter also provides you the perfect conditions for planting a new garden, so take advantage! 

Swimming Pool Installations By Narellan Pools

Narellan Pools has a wide range of modern and aesthetically pleasing swimming pool designs that are certain to appeal to all needs and desires. Whether you wait a few weeks or even a few months, just be sure to weigh up all of the options and make a decision that will be best for you. Start planning today and prepare for summer, so you can be enjoying your own brand new, inviting, and beautiful backyard swimming pool.

You can have the luxurious backyard swimming pool that you’ve always imagined. To organise the installation of the swimming pool of your dreams during the winter months, contact Narellan Pools today!

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!