What You Need to Know About Fibreglass Swimming Pool Installation

Making the decision to get a fibreglass swimming pool is an exciting time for any homeowner. The addition of a swimming pool to your home offers a highly versatile space, perfectly suited for relaxing, entertaining, having fun, and exercising.

Before you start on your pool journey, it’s helpful to be fully informed about what steps are involved in the journey. Fibreglass pools are fast and easy to install, with minimal disruption to your home and life. In the following article, we’ll provide you with some information on the various steps involved in getting your new swimming pool ready for use.

The Best Time For A Pool Installation

swimming pool installation is perfect any time of year. Fibreglass swimming pools are fast and easy to install, so regardless of when you decide to get a new swimming pool, Narellan Pools can ensure your pool is installed quickly and properly. Most people look to have their pool installed in the spring and summer, though, so for the fastest installation times consider autumn or winter install to avoid peak seasonal demand—it also means your pool will be fully up and running when the warmer weather starts.

What Is Involved In A Pool Installation

Fibreglass swimming pools are incredibly quick to install compared to other types of pools. The whole process from initial sales conversations to the first time you dip your toe in the water can take just a couple of short months, with the main installation process taking a few days to a week.

Concept and Design

Before any installation can take place you have to know what is being installed. The concept and design phase can often be the longest step in the pool installation process as it’s where you and the pool designers will work closely to select, customise, and design the perfect pool solution for you home. Once the design has been completed, the team will start to move forward in securing the various planning permissions and permits required.


After you have finalised the design of your pool and the various permits have been granted, it’s time for work to begin. This is the first major step in the installation of your pool. A team of pool builders will carefully prepare the site and excavate a hole ready for the pool shell’s delivery.


Once the site has been prepared, it’s time for the shell itself to be delivered. A key component in the speed of fibreglass pool installations is that the shell is pre-made at a factory and delivered complete to your home. It is then placed into the excavated hole ready for the support structure to be put in place.

Structural Support

Once the shell has been installed, it’s time to add the supporting structure that secures the shell, giving it its strength and stability. The supporting structure is the primary component in ensuring your pool shell endures the wear and tear of everyday use.


The final handover is when you take ownership of your swimming pool. The installation team will do a final walkthrough of the pool to check everything is up to standard, before giving you a run-through of how everything works and signing off on the install.

Pool Installation With Narellan Pools

Narellan Pools has completed countless successful pool installations for clients across New Zealand. Our skilled pool builders have decades of experience in delivering stunning, hassle-free, and quality results to our clients. We will be there at every step of the process to help, answer questions, and provide support to ease you through your installation. And our service doesn’t stop at the handover. The Narellan Pools guarantee means we stand by our work for the life of your pool.

Get in touch with Narellan Pools now to discover how we can help you with a fast and easy pool installation.

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!