What are my Pool Surround and Landscaping Options?

Putting together a plan for the pool space you’ve always dreamed of can be lots of fun, but at times it may feel overwhelming. If you’ve collected ideas and inspiration for a while now, you’re probably aware that there are numerous materials you can select for your pool coping and surrounds, and just as many landscaping options, too.

Once you’ve decided on your pool shape and size, you’ll then be looking at the coping and pool surrounds and considering what landscaping may be necessary. In this blog, we’ll go through some options available for pool coping/surrounds and landscaping, so you can make a note of the materials and items you think will fit your vision.

Think about the poolside features you like most and remember to write down any questions you have about a particular option, as your pool builder will be able to discuss the possibilities with you.

Pool Coping/Surround Ideas


Always popular due to their durability, classy appearance and many tones, pavers and tiles are one of the most commonly chosen pool coping options. Several types of stone materials are used to make pavers, including sandstone, travertine and marble, and another popular paver material is porcelain. It’s important to ensure the paver you pick isn’t slippery to the touch (you don’t want any accidents poolside!), and that you’re aware of any sealers that may be needed to keep the stone looking wonderful for years to come.


Concrete is hugely popular as a pool coping and surround material, and that’s probably because it can be showcased through so many techniques. For instance, many pool owners adore exposed aggregate, because the flecks of stones in it are eye-catching and the material itself has a textured feel. When it comes to pool surrounds, poured concrete can be more affordable in comparison to other options like tiles that can be higher in cost due to the labour involved in placing them.


Timber decking makes for a delightful complementing material to regular coping materials like pavers. Decking is perfect if you’re after a natural look and feel for your pool surround. A popular decking option nowadays is composite decking, which looks a lot like real wood decking, but is much lower maintenance! The initial costs of installing composite decking can be higher than real wood decking, but the ongoing lower maintenance will help to offset those costs.

Landscaping Ideas


Add some colour to your pool space with an array of plants! Plants will liven up the poolside area and create a seamless flow between pool and backyard. There’s no need to establish a retaining wall to put in a new poolside garden (unless that’s what you had envisioned!); instead, you can place potted plants in your poolside area. Plants that are great to accompany pools are ornamental grasses and succulents, as they are low maintenance and tolerate various climates. If you’re looking for something larger and more colourful, a frangipani tree could work well.

Water Features

A poolscaping addition you may not have considered is a water feature. Whether you opt for water curtains, deck jets, or water blades, you can easily add another stylish component to your pool space, and turn your backyard into a true piece of art. Certain water features will allow you to incorporate colours into them that are present elsewhere in your backyard. This can help tie everything together.

Entertaining Space

You might want to hire a landscaper to top off your backyard transformation. They can landscape your yard so your outdoor entertaining area connects easily with your pool area. A functional entertaining space will be shaded, and feature room for a table and chairs. To create a cohesive look, task your landscaper with extending your pool surrounds to the entertaining space. For example, your poolside decking material can be used in your entertaining space as well.

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