Ways to Love Your Pool in Winter

When you picture a swimming pool in your mind, you probably imagine a refreshing swim on a hot afternoon. What you probably don’t think of, is swimming on a cold day, or spending time around your pool in cooler weather. Sometimes, people considering purchasing a swimming pool are hesitant to move forward because they think they may not use their pool in winter. A swimming pool is a significant investment for many, so it’s completely fair that if you’re thinking about purchasing one, you’d want to feel certain you’ll enjoy it for much of the year.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can use your swimming pool when cooler weather sets in, so if you’re still on the fence about booking your pool installation, read on to see how you can embrace those colder days instead of dreading them.

Games and Activities

Your swimming pool will be the centrepoint of fun at your place, and with so many games and activities to choose from, you and your family will be able to enjoy spending time in and around your pool, no matter the weather.

Marco Polo, chicken fight and other classic pool games are always fun when you’re in the water, but there are other games and activities that are meant to be played poolside rather than in the pool.

  • Boat races – whether you opt for small, motorised boats or DIY versions, the entire family can have fun racing boats along the pool water. You’ll be having so much fun together, you probably will forget all about the cold weather!
  • Pool fishing – a set will usually feature floating fish or ducks with hooks or magnets on them. Your task is to pick up or ‘fish’ out the floating items from the pool as quickly as you can, with the supplied fishing rod in your kit. This game is perfect for developing the fine motor skills of young children!
  • Backyard camping – set up a family-sized tent where you can see your pool and spend a night as a family under starlight. Have hot chocolate at the ready, play some card games, and after a good sleep, wake to see the sunlight upon the pool water!

Pool Heating

To ensure you can keep swimming as the temperature continues to drop, it’s worth investing in pool heating. Whether you choose solar, gas or electric heating, pool heaters are designed to extend your swim season, so you can swim well into the cooler months. You can also begin your swim season much earlier in comparison to those without pool heating!

A pool party on a cooler day can become a lot more comfortable with pool heating. Also, if you have a fire pit, you and your guests can go from warming up in the pool to warming up by the fire. Sounds like bliss, right?

To take your pool party to the next level, turn on any pool lights you have (or any surrounding lights that cast a glow on your pool) so you and your guests can sit by the fire with your pool providing delightful ambience in the background. When it’s dinnertime, opt for a backyard meal to enjoy the spectacle of your glowing pool as nighttime falls!

As you can see from the above, it’s easy to love your pool in winter. So, it’s time to hop off the fence and go from dreaming of your perfect pool, to making it happen.

Your local Narellan Pools Builder is the contact you can rely on to transform your backyard through a beautiful fiberglass pool. They will support you throughout the journey to your Narellan Pool, and will make sure you are informed at each step. Arrange a free quote today and talk with them about the options you have for pool heating, so you can get ready to enjoy an extended swim season together with your life-changing pool.

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