Turn your Pool Area into a Christmas Destination

In exciting news, it’s a little over a month until Christmas! After a very unusual and intense year, we’re all looking forward to catching up and celebrating with loved ones over Christmas.

Of course, many of us are still thinking about how and where we will entertain our family and friends when they pop by for Christmas lunch.

The logistics of Christmas entertaining can be tricky as well – guests often arrive and leave at different times, so you need to consider seating arrangements and whether to stagger meals.

While celebrating inside the house is a popular option, you might find you’re limited in terms of space, so it’s worth considering having your get-together outside, with your pool area in full view.

Benefits of Christmas entertaining in your backyard

There are several reasons why you should consider hosting your Christmas meal in your backyard. For starters, you generally have more room outside to work with. There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable and cramped inside a living or dining room, with a bunch of other people.

Backyard entertaining allows you to fit plenty of people in, and you can seat them without too much hassle. Some plastic chairs which you can hire or buy for cheap are the perfect solution to providing seating for all your guests.

Another benefit of Christmas in your yard is that you can cut down on using air-conditioning, because you and your guests will be outside. Less people in your house also means your home will likely stay cleaner for longer, as there won’t be muddy footprints throughout the house. Encourage your guests to use your side gate if possible, so they can avoid walking through the house.

The great thing about Christmas by the pool is that you can keep your entertaining casual. Use your barbeque to cook your food, so you can still mingle with your guests while preparing a delicious meal. Opt for recyclable paper plates, as they’ll make clean-up extra easy – the less dishwashing, the better! Then, if the weather permits, you can end the day with a relaxing swim!

How to add some Christmas cheer to your pool area

If you’re wondering how you can bring Christmas to your backyard, we’ve got some great tips. Make your pool the centrepoint of your decorating: wrap some tinsel around your poolside plants to turn them into miniature Christmas trees, and hang some Christmas lights above your pool if you can.

There are many ways you can style your outdoor table for Christmas. Pick a theme and select decorations that will align with it. Perhaps you want a traditional green, red and gold theme? Some artificial holly in a jar will look lovely, surrounded by some battery-operated candles. On the other hand, if you’d like a beachy, coastal Christmas vibe, there are decorations you can get that will work well throughout your pool space. Santa’s wearing sunglasses are becoming very popular, and you could add a small towel to their arms so they’re ready for an afternoon poolside! For your table, you might like to add some sparkly starfish decorations.

If your Christmas get-together ends up being on a chillier day, have some Christmas-themed blankets on standby, so that your guests can use them to keep warm.

To get the Christmas music up and running, set up a portable speaker. You can even find floating speakers, which would be perfect for when you’re in the pool!

Christmas Meal Ideas

When it comes to preparing the food you and your guests will eat at your party, food for the poolside can be super simple to whip together. Forget slaving over an oven to prepare a typical Christmas roast.

Here are some great, easy meal ideas that will satisfy even the fussiest of guests:

  • Barbequed lamb and veggie kebab sticks
  • Barbequed prawn skewers
  • Spinach and ricotta pastizzis
  • Sausage sandwiches
  • Veggie rice paper rolls

What’s even better about these meal ideas is that they’re completely customisable to your individual taste, and they can be eaten with just your hands – eliminating the need for utensils!

Christmas entertaining doesn’t need to be difficult. By using your pool area to bring your Christmas get-together to life, you’ll have the perfect place to dine with family and friends, and to relax and enjoy the festivities with them.

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