Tips to Keep Your Pool Space Safe

Few things are more inviting and exciting than a new swimming pool, and if you’re the lucky owner of a new pool, you’ll know that everyone in your family will want to enjoy the new backyard addition all the time!

Owning a pool comes with certain responsibilities though, and one of them is doing all you can to keep your pool space safe, in order to prevent accidents.

If you have young children or pets, keeping your pool area safe is incredibly important, as they can be unaware of a swimming pool’s risks.

Let’s look at some of the top ways to keep your pool space secure, to prevent accidents occurring.

Proper Fencing

Appropriate, secure fencing is a must for swimming pools. Your swimming pool won’t be safe or compliant without the right kind of secure fencing, so ensure you sort your fencing out when you plan your swimming pool installation. There are plenty of appealing fencing options available, but always research what you like to make sure that type of fencing is adequate and aligns with regulations. A good place to check local regulations when considering your pool fencing is your council website. After installation of your pool fencing, regularly check the gate to ensure it closes and locks properly, and look for any loose screws or anything needing repairs.

Pool Covers/Blankets

Popular for reasons such as retaining heat, preventing water evaporation and preventing debris collecting in your swimming pool, pool covers and blankets can also provide other benefits. Depending on their material, they can provide an extra element of safety to your pool space, covering the pool when it’s not in use. If you have young kids or pets, it’s definitely worth considering one of these additions for your pool.

Security Camera

To go the extra mile for safety, you might want to consider installing a security camera in your yard, to provide surveillance coverage of your whole backyard space, including the pool area. You can find security camera devices that work with apps on your phone, so even if you’re not at home, you can see what’s going on in your yard and get notified if there’s any unexpected movement. Keep an eye on pets and little ones with one of these handy devices, to make sure they stay away from the pool area.

Keep Pool Toys Elsewhere

If left around the yard, pool toys and pool inflatables can be tripping hazards, so once you’re done swimming for the day, ensure you put all pool toys and inflatables away – preferably in a lockable shed or garage. Young children can be very tempted to get into a swimming pool if they have access to toys to play with, so securing your pool toys away from little hands can help to prevent curious kids from trying to make their way into the pool area.

The reality of life is that we can’t always be home, so it’s good to know you can take simple but critical steps to keep your family safe around your pool, no matter where you are. As explained above, there are many ways you can enhance your pool area’s safety, and as a result, prevent accidents.

Keep an eye out for hazards around your swimming pool, and constantly check your pool security devices to ensure they are in good operating order.

Your vigilance is one of the best methods to protect your family, so always monitor the safety of your pool space to keep it the centrepoint of fun and joy at your property.

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