The Many In-Built Features of Narellan Pools

Swimming pools come in a huge array of designs, so it can be tricky to narrow down the options. To pick the right pool solution for your backyard, it’s a good idea to base your decision around what you’re looking for in a pool, in terms of features. Of course, if you’re about to be a first-time pool owner, you might still be thinking about the features that will suit you and your family most.

Narellan Pools’ range of fibreglass swimming pools is vast, and each offers distinct features, so you’ll be able to find the design that feels like home for you. Also, those distinct features are built into the pool, so there’s really nothing you need to do to have the most functional swimming pool in your yard.

Here, we’ll go through the various in-built features in the Narellan Pools range so you can pinpoint the pool that offers you what you’re after for long-term enjoyment.

Splash Decks

Splash decks are commonly thought of as add-ons to a pool, but the Nirvana pool from Narellan Pools features a delightful splash deck already built into it. The Nirvana is a great choice for families with young children, as they can have fun on the shallow splash deck, while they gain more confidence in the water. The Nirvana’s splash deck is also perfect for adults, as it makes for a great space to sit with a cool drink in hand. So, time for a catch-up with friends?

Seating Ledges/ Bench Seats

Several pools in the Narellan Pools range provide in-built seating of some kind. The Symphony, for instance, has a seating ledge that runs along its length, so if you want to have a break from swimming, you can simply rest on the seating ledge and relax until you’re ready to swim again!

Long bench seats like that of the Narellan Pools Serene, have been created with relaxation in mind, so if that’s a must for you, this pool might be the one for you!

Wide Entry Steps

For the ultimate in elegance, Narellan Pools’ Grandeur is sure to deliver. With its beautiful wide entry steps, the Grandeur makes it simple and graceful to enter and exit the pool. Wide entry steps are a beautiful feature complementing the gradual depth of the Grandeur. The steps mean there is very little effort required to get in and out of the pool, so that’s another bonus.

You could also sit on the wide entry steps, if you wish, and rest a cool drink on the side of the pool.

Child-Safety Ledge

While the above features differ among the pools in the Narellan Pools range, there is one in-built feature that every Narellan Pool offers: our child-safety ledge. This incredible feature is designed to enable little ones to get in and out of the pool from any side easily and safely. Kids can take hold of the child-safety ledge and move around the pool to wherever they are comfortable making their way into the water.

With so many in-built features throughout the Narellan Pools range, we really have a pool for every purpose. Once you’ve selected the pool design with the features you want, you’ll then be able to choose from the sizes available, so you’ll have a pool that aligns with your vision and is the right size for your yard.

If you’re already thinking about a certain pool shape in the Narellan Pools range, visit our Gallery to see it in different backyards. There’s plenty of inspiration to be found there!

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!