The Life Expectancy of a Fibreglass Swimming Pool

Swimming pools in New Zealand are quickly becoming a must-have. Their popularity has grown hugely to the point that most New Zealanders know at least one family member or friend with their own pool. 

A swimming pool is a big investment, though, and while the investment is worth it for you and your family, it’s best to be fully informed before making the decision. One of the biggest questions you may have is how long will your investment last? A critical question when assessing an investment. In this article, we will cover some of the options available to you when deciding to enhance your home with a fibreglass swimming pool, how long you should expect it to last, and how to best care for your purchase. 

What is a Fibreglass Swimming Pool? 

Fibreglass swimming pools are the ideal option for a swimming pool installed in your own backyard. These long-lasting, quick to install, and easy to maintain, swimming pool shells are the best option for your personal garden oasis. 

The process starts at the design stage. Narellan Pools’ expert team of designers will help you to assess your property, selecting a model from our extensive range that fits you and your family’s needs and requirements. After the correct Narellan Pools fibreglass pool model has been selected for you, the shell will be constructed at our dedicated factory by our craftsmen with over 47 years’ experience in delivering high-quality pool shells. 

While your chosen pool shell is being constructed and finished at our facility, our team can begin work to prepare for its arrival at your property. Fibreglass swimming pools are installed into an excavated hole pre-built. Once the hole has been dug and prepared, the shell will be delivered to your property already complete and ready for installation. Our team will then begin the final construction process, installing the shell, securing it, and placing structural support beams. 

Once the pool itself has been installed, it’s almost time to jump in. But before you jump in, you may wish to have additional landscaping and design work completed in your backyard to finalise your garden oasis. 

The Different Types of Pools 

Swimming pools come in a variety of different types and styles. Finding the right type of swimming pool for you will depend on what you wish to gain from adding a swimming pool to your property. 

In-Ground Swimming Pools 

Fibreglass swimming pools are generally of the in-ground variety, but what exactly does that mean? Swimming pools come in two primary types: in-ground and above-ground. 

Above-ground swimming pools are a large, fixed, structure, placed on top of your prepared ground; they are a long-term version of the temporary or seasonal swimming pools you may have come across before. 

In-ground swimming pools are the more traditional type of swimming pool, the type that will come to mind when you mention pools to most people. In-ground pools are long-lasting structures made of fibreglass and inserted into the ground. They offer a sleek, long-term solution to adding a swimming pool to your property, while also better-facilitating options for further design and landscaping around the pool. 

Plunge Pools 

plunge pool is the perfect swimming pool solution for those who have limited space or are looking for a relaxing spa focused experience rather than a fitness and exercise based one. Plunge pools are defined by their smaller length and width dimensions (2 – 7 metres by 2 – 3 metres). They also tend to be single depth, but often feature a deeper central area and seating space to allow you to be fully submerged. 

Plunge pools are becoming an increasingly popular choice among New Zealand consumers. They are especially popular in urban areas where space is a major consideration, enabling those who thought they may be unable to enjoy their own pool to discover the joy and function of pool ownership. Even when space isn’t an issue, plunge pools can be an excellent option for those focused more on relaxation and light exercise as their smaller size keeps running costs low and frees up space in the yard for other uses. 

What Options and Customisations are Available? 

Not everybody has the same tastes, style preferences, and design requirements. At Narellan Pools, our fibreglass swimming pools come with a large variety of different customisation options suited to every customer.

Colour: The shell of a fibreglass swimming pool is coated in a protective gel which can be coloured in a variety of different ways from rich blues to deep greens or sandy browns. 

Style: The type and style of swimming pool you select will dictate its function. We have a range of different styles available depending on whether you are looking for a traditional pool, a small dedicated exercise pool, or a relaxing spa oasis. 

Size: Not all backyards are the same size. Each of our fibreglass shells is available in several different sizes to fit whatever space you have available. 

How to Prolong the Life of a Fibreglass Swimming Pool 

A fibreglass swimming pool is a large, but worthwhile, investment. With such an expense, you’ll want to protect your investment to ensure you get the best return and enjoyment. With the right care, a fibreglass swimming pool from Narellan Pools can last you for decades. 

Cleaning and Filtering 

Keeping your pool clean and filtered is one of the best ways to ensure it has a long life and is ready to go whenever you want to use it. A good filtration system is key to keeping the water free from micro-debris, bacteria, and other contaminants. You will, however, want to avoid any strong and harsh chemicals as these can damage the pool’s protective coating, shortening its lifespan significantly. 

It’s also important to clean and remove any large debris from the pool such as leaves. Not only is it unpleasant to swim in dirty water, but these can clog up the filtration system, reducing its ability to function. If you don’t have the time to keep the pool clean yourself, there are many automated, robotic cleaning options available to ensure your pool is always ready to go. 

Repair and Maintenance 

From time to time your fibreglass swimming pool may require repair and maintenance. It’s important to quickly treat and repair any damage to your pool shell and surrounding surfaces before they can develop into major issues. 

With the right care and attention, and by avoiding harsh cleaning regimes and chemicals, you can expect your new Narellan fibreglass swimming pool to last you for 30 – 50 years with only some minor maintenance. 

Want to learn more about fibreglass swimming pools? Speak to the team at Narellan Pools today. Our experienced team will be able to help answer any questions you may have.

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!