The Importance of Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming is a great activity for adults and children alike. Time spent in pools can be an excellent way to relax, spend time together, and get some exercise. But while having fun in the water, it’s also important to remain safe; water can be deadly if the right precautions and safety steps aren’t taken. 

The dangers of drowning, and other water-related risks, are especially important to be aware of when dealing with young children around the pool, but the risks aren’t just limited to the young. The dangers of water are relevant and just as present whatever age the participants are, which makes it all the more important to fully assess the risks and what steps can be taken to mitigate them before diving in. 

The Risks Associated 


Perhaps the biggest and most well-known risk associated with spending time in the pool and beside the water is drowning. The World Health Organisation (W.H.O) rates drowning at the 3rd greatest risk of unintentional death in the world. Things can get out of control fast in the water; in less than a minute, somebody can be fully submerged and unable to help themselves. This can often result in drowning occurring before anybody that can help notices. 

Pool Entrapment 

Pool drains can present a dangerous risk if they aren’t properly secured. The pool drain siphons off water to be cleaned and filtered, but this flow can create a dangerous suction force if limbs or clothing cover the opening. Risks associated can be serious bodily harm through to death by drowning, with victims unable to free themselves or shout for help. 


There are many injuries associated with being by the water as well that must be considered. The surrounding area of a pool is often wet and slippery which can lead to falling related injuries. 

Diving related injuries are another risk to consider. Each pool is unique in its depth, based around the users’ requirements and needs. Jumping into the pool unprepared can result in head injuries leaving the victim incapacitated in the water. 

Fines and Penalties 

Local and government regulations set out a number of safety precautions and steps pool owners must take to protect themselves and others. These steps not only help to keep you and your loved ones safe, but failure to adhere can come with stiff fines and penalties. By neglecting to follow the safety regulations of your local area, you risk putting people’s lives on the line. 

Protecting Your Safety Around the Pool 

The key to staying safe around the pool is preparation and prevention. Taking the right steps and precautions before an incident can take place is much better than trying to mitigate the damage afterwards. 

Start with the surrounding area. Fencing and anti-slip surfaces are not only legally required in many areas but will also help to prevent accidental slips and falls into the water. Ensure the area is secured with a gate that cannot be easily opened by animals or young children. 

Next, move onto the pool itself. Protect against the risks of entrapment in the water and injury by performing regular maintenance and ensuring all safety covers and grates are secured. 

Finally, make sure that everybody using the pool is aware of how to stay safe and knows how to swim. In the case of young children who may just be learning to swim, never leave them unattended, regardless of the depth of the water. 

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