Swimming in Winter — Why You Need a Heated Pool

Whether you already have a swimming pool or are currently planning on purchasing one, you might be wondering about pool heating. There are several options available to heat your swimming pool, and the best option for you will largely depend on your circumstances and type of pool. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of a heated pool and cover some of the best heating options available to you. 

Benefits to a Heated Pool 

While a cooling swim is delightful in hot New Zealand summers, you may be less inclined to take a dip in your pool if it’s chilly outside. That’s where pool heating comes in.

Heating adds value to your swimming pool by extending your swimming season. A swimming pool is a significant purchase and comes with many benefits to you and your family’s health and wellbeing. No doubt, you’ll want to get the most out of your pool, and the temperature dropping doesn’t need to prevent you from swimming. Heating your swimming pool ensures that whenever you want to take a dip,  your swimming pool is just as ready as you are. 

Types of Pool Heating 

The right type of heating system for you will depend on several factors such as your local climate, the size of your pool, how often you intend to use it, and your budget. Be sure to review all the options available and discuss them with your pool builder before making a final decision. 

Solar Heating 

Solar heating is a great option for long-term cost-effective heating, especially with the amount of hot sunny days in New Zealand. While the upfront cost for solar heating is a little more than other options, your long-term energy bills will benefit. 

Solar panels are fitted to your property’s roof, and the solar energy is used to heat the water directly. A small pump is then used to circulate the heated water back down to your swimming pool, ensuring a consistent and affordable heated pool experience.

Electrical Heating 

Electrical heating systems are popular pool heating solutions. Powered by a heating element built into the pool’s pumping system, they ensure that you always have heated water regardless of the weather outside. They are easy and cheap to install and operate, but the ongoing electric running costs are something to keep in mind

Gas Heating 

Gas heating systems are usually the most expensive system to heat your pool, but while they can be expensive to run, they can heat a pool incredibly quickly. The higher running costs will generally be offset by less usage, so a gas system could be worth considering if you think you’ll use your pool at short notice. Of course, you may just be a fan of fast heating, so gas heating could be right for you, anyway.

Pool Blankets 

A fitted pool blanket is a soft cover that lies across the surface of a pool and is designed to limit a pool’s water loss and evaporation. By installing a high-quality pool blanket, your pool will retain heat and you’ll help stop debris from entering your pool. Pool blankets are also easily operated either by a manual roller or by an automated roller cover. Solar pool blankets aim to raise the temperature of your pool water by around 6 degrees. This means you can swim comfortably, even as the air turns a bit chilly.

How Narellan Pools Can Help 

Narellan Pools is committed to manufacturing and installing high-quality fibreglass swimming pools for our clients throughout New Zealand. Our highly skilled local pool builders can not only help you with your dream swimming pool but also guide you on your pool heating options. 

Get in touch with your local Narellan Pools builder today to find out how we can help extend your swimming season with pool heating.

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