Small Swimming Pools from Narellan Pools

Are you someone who has always wanted a pool but aren’t sure whether you have enough room in your backyard for one? You aren’t alone. Many homeowners are left wondering that these days, as property sizes shrink to accommodate more homes across more estates.

Homes themselves are also increasing in size, so missing out on land is becoming much more common. Those who desperately want a swimming pool but don’t have much backyard space, face a challenge. How do they get the pool they’ve always wanted with a small yard?

Fortunately, in many cases, a compact swimming pool can provide homeowners the solution they need. The right compact pool will fit the available space, and still offer plenty of functionality and fun.

If you require a small swimming pool to meet the limitations of your property, the smaller swimming pool designs from Narellan Pools range could be the answer. Keep reading to learn about our array of compact designs!

Plunge Pools

Narellan Pools has outstanding plunge pools available. Choose from the sizes in the Eden and Nirvana ranges to find a beautiful plunge pool for your property.

Plunge pools work well with backyards that can’t fit a full-sized swimming pool, as they are compact and designed for dipping into and relaxing. Typically, they are single-depth pools, so they offer a great space for low-impact exercise. Though designed for ‘plunging’, many plunge pools offer a decent amount of swim space. The Narellan Pools Eden 5.5 for example, provides space to stretch out, as it is 5.2m long and 3.2m wide.

When you have a narrow backyard to work with, there are pools in the Narellan Pools range that can help. The Nirvana pools are 2.7m wide, and feature a lovely in-built Splash Deck, creating the vibe that you’re at an island resort! While a great lounging space, the Splash Deck is also fantastic for young children developing their water confidence. The Eden Slimline is another narrow pool – just 2.1m wide and 5m long, coping to coping. If you’re after a glamorous pool with a long bench seat, the Eden Slimline ticks the boxes.

Smaller-sized Swimming Pools

The options for small backyards don’t stop at plunge pools, either. The Narellan Pools range features designs with smaller sizes, so you and your family could still opt for a traditional swimming pool.

The Symphony has a beautiful seating ledge running the length of the pool and is available in eight sizes, beginning with the Symphony 5 (5m long, 3.1m wide). The Symphony 5 is 1.2m to 1.45m in depth, with the gradual depth great for children building up their swim skills. The Symphony is the most popular Narellan Pools swimming pool range, and smaller yards can still become home to this outstanding design.

You could also look at Narellan Pools’ Panama Lap Pool if space in your yard is at a premium. The Panama 5 is a 5m long pool and just 2.3m wide, so this pool is ideal for narrow spaces like the side of a house. As many new-build properties don’t have much available space at their rear, building a pool on the side of the property could be a great way to make that dream of a pool come true. As it’s a lap pool, the Panama 5 has an unobstructed swim channel for continuous tumble turn swimming. This means the delightful design is perfect for families who want a space dedicated to swimming, but who don’t have the space for a larger pool.

As highlighted, the Narellan Pools range certainly offers a world of choice for yards lacking in space. To determine if and how a Narellan Pool will fit in your yard, it’s a great idea to download the Narellan Pools AR App, which harnesses the power of augmented reality. Using the app, you can switch between shapes, sizes and colours, and then easily book a free quote for your property. Download the app today!

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!