Pool Water Options for Fibreglass Pools

A new swimming pool will transform your suburban backyard into a family oasis that children and adults alike will enjoy for years to come.

Alongside the shape, size and colour, one of the most important decisions you must make is the type of pool water you’d like your family to swim in: Mineral or Saltwater

Modern swimming pool water treatment systems 

When you start your swimming pool ownership journey, you will be presented with a vast number of choices: what type of pool do you want; what size is best for your backyard; what accessories are important to you. All of these decisions are important ones to get the best pool solution for you and your family, but there is another important decision that will have a big impact on your swimming pool design: what type of pool water do you want?

You may be thinking the answer is obvious, water is water, right? When talking about pool water options what we are really discussing is what type of cleaning and sanitation solution will be used in your swimming pool. An effective sanitation solution is important to keep your pool water clean and free from bacteria, pathogens, and parasites that can make you and your family ill. The most common type of pool water sanitation you probably already know about is chlorine, but that is far from the only choice. Read on to find out more about the type of fibreglass swimming pool water options available.


Chlorine sanitation systems are perhaps one of the most well-known methods of keeping your swimming pool clean and sanitised. Almost every commercial swimming pool uses some form of chlorine sanitisation, and for good reason, chlorine is excellent at killing bacteria and other unwanted pests. Chlorine can be added to your swimming pool in either liquid, tablet, or powdered form, with liquid options often being the most popular due to their long life span and lower bulk cost.

While chlorine is a great choice for keeping your swimming pool clean, it does have a few downsides. Chlorine swimming pools notoriously have a unique smell that comes from the chlorine reacting with any bacteria present. It can also cause irritation to skin and eyes with overexposure, especially for those with sensitive skin.


Bromine is chemically very similar to chlorine and works in much the same way for sanitising your swimming pool water. The main advantages of bromine are that it has a much milder smell than the strong chlorine smell some people find off-putting, and it is highly stable in warm water making it perfect for hot tubs and spas. Bromine does cost slightly more than chlorine, which while not significant in the short-term, may add up over the life of your swimming pool.


Ozone is used for disinfecting and cleaning a variety of things in a number of different industries, and it can be a great way to keep your swimming pool clean. Ozone sanitation system work by passing the swimming pool water through an ozone generator to infuse the water with the ozone gas, killing any bacteria or parasite. By the time the water has completed the sanitation cycle, the levels of ozone are negligible making the pool water safe for swimming. This low level in the pool itself does mean that generally ozone is used as an additional sanitation option, usually combined with a low-level chlorine treatment to act as a baseline.


Saltwater swimming pools are very similar to chlorine pools in that the end result is chlorine being used to keep the pool clean. The difference lies in how you add and maintain the system. Saltwater sanitation systems have a saltwater chlorinator that converts salt into chlorine for use in the pool. This has the advantage of being much easier to maintain and doesn’t require storing toxic chemicals for use in your pool. Saltwater chlorination systems do tend to be harder on your pool components as salt is corrosive. They also have a higher initial setup cost than traditional chlorine systems.

MagnaPool Mineral Pool

Mineral pools have been growing in popularity in recent years, and with good reason. They offer a great alternative to the traditionally chlorinated pool water by infusing the water with a magnesium-based mineral solution that provides a hostile environment to bacteria, parasites, and infections while giving the water a luxurious and silky feel. A MagnaPool magnesium sanitation system is a great choice for anybody that wants to avoid harsh chlorination, e.g. those with sensitive skin, or simply anybody who wants to enjoy a hassle-free, low-cost, luxurious swimming experience.

Pool Filtration with Narellan Pools

Narellan Pools has a long history of providing high-quality in-ground swimming pool designs to our customers and clients throughout New Zealand. We work tirelessly to design and customise our unique range of pool shells, all manufactured at our in-house facility, to guarantee there is an option that is perfectly suited to any backyard. A great swimming pool isn’t just about the pool shell, though, which is why we have also curated a range of the best pool filtration and chlorination systems the market has to offer, including the highly praised MagnaPool system. Whatever type of in-ground swimming pool you have, you can be sure that Narellan Pools has a solution that is right for you.

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