Pool & Spa Combinations – Take Your Pool to the Next Level

If you’ve got a good-sized backyard, chances are you’ll want to make the best of the space. Maybe you already have an outdoor entertaining space but want to expand the functionality of your yard even further. Whatever your reasoning, there’s nothing better for any backyard than to have both an inground pool and an in-ground spa. Exercise meets relaxation with a pool-spa combination of any sort.

Why Install A Pool? 

For those who might be considering installing a pool, there are many different options – freestanding, or above-ground pools are one of the easiest ways to facilitate having a pool in your backyard. Above-ground pools don’t have to look cheap, though. There are ways to liven them up and make them blend in better with the landscape of your garden, particularly if they’re something you plan to use year-round. 

Another option is to install an inground pool. Fibreglass inground swimming pools are pre-made in factories and are delivered to your site to be installed. The installer will lift the fibreglass inground swimming pool into place. Once the shell is in place, filtration equipment and plumbing is installed. Next, a structural pool beam is layed on top of the edges of the pool. Then, any aesthetic work is done before the concrete is dry – such as tiling. 

One of the main benefits of the inground pool is the space that it provides to swim. Regardless of whether you swim for exercise or pleasure, an inground pool provides you with the space to do laps to your heart’s content. It’s also a great place to keep the kids in the summertime or entertain guests. Inground pools are far more fixed than above-ground pools and generally require less maintenance due to their equipment being hidden away from the elements.

Why Install a Spa? 

Spas aren’t a necessity if you already have a pool. However, they do provide another dimension to your outdoor experience. Spas are mostly used for relaxation following a swim in the pool, giving the muscles in your body a chance to relax. Spas can be used to ease muscular pain, post work-out, or for simply catching up with friends and family in a cosy environment. 

You have a few options when it comes to spa installation: above-ground spas can be the perfect complement for an above-ground swimming pool, particularly if you have a sloping backyard. However, inground spas are another appealing option for those who are after a streamline look, or those who might not have deck space to put the standalone equipment. Inground spas and inground pools also make a nice combination and make it easier to create an aesthetically-pleasing landscape around them. 

What options are available from Narellan Pools? 

Narellan Pools have been installing spas for decades, with our famous Neptune Spa providing you with a non-slip, eight-seat space perfect for relaxing. Available in a variety of colours, the Neptune Spa is your key to a pool and spa combination that will delight and enthral you and your family.

Aside from a spa, another option available to create a combination installation is our Harmony Splash Deck. Built with children in mind, its shallow depth offers a perfect opportunity for your kids to build their water confidence and water safety skills, and it offers a space for you to relax next to the main pool. The Harmony can also comfortably seat eight people. 

Why have both? 

One of the main benefits to having both a spa-style location in your back garden and a pool – whether above-ground or inground – is that it gives you the opportunity to have the best of both worlds. You can invite more guests around if you have both an opportunity for them to exercise and then relax, and you can make use of either the pool or the spa set up to your advantage, depending on your needs. It’s nice to have the option to either relax or get some exercise.

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!