Pool Heating: Delivering an Extended Swim Season

When you picture using a swimming pool, your thoughts are probably of a cooling swim on a hot summer’s day. While swimming in your pool on hot days is very refreshing, it can also be just as enjoyable to swim when the weather is cooler. Pleasingly, you don’t need to prepare yourself to have a freezing cold swim, as you can install heating with your new pool and enjoy immersing yourself in blissful warm water instead.

Pool heating is the best way to lengthen your swimming season. With heating installed in your pool, you will be able to get maximum use out of your new backyard addition, and you’ll love knowing that you have the option of changing your water temperature to suit you!

There are numerous types of pool heating available in the market, so let’s go through the three main pool heating options you’ll hear of when planning the pool of your dreams.


While solar pool heating is more costly than other options to set up, the benefits of solar make it a great choice for many pool owners. As solar heaters use the sun’s energy to heat up the pool water, they are very eco-friendly. Using the sun for their heat generation, solar pool heaters are also extremely energy efficient, so what you save on energy bills may help offset what you paid for installation of the solar heating system. Solar is great for many sunny New Zealand backyards, but be aware that solar heating doesn’t heat your pool quickly.

Electric Heat Pumps

Electric heat pumps circulate pool water through a heating tank before pumping the water back into the pool. One of the best features of electric heat pumps is that they can last for a long time – often around 20 to 25 years. They work well when the pool is used regularly and suit climates where there is less sunlight available, but keep in mind that they don’t heat the pool water as fast as other methods. They also require electricity to run.


Key benefits of gas heaters is that they are designed to heat water quickly, and they work well in many climates. Gas pool heating utilises propane or natural gas, so you won’t find it to be the most eco-friendly pool heating option, and some gas systems have a very limited lifespan. Gas pool heating is better for people who will swim in their pool on a whim, and require more instant pool heating.

With the end of summer almost here and cooler weather just around the corner, this is the best time to book in your winter pool install, and sign up for pool heating together with your new pool. A heated pool will be a welcome escape from chilly weather, and your swim season can start a lot earlier with heating than without it. No need to wait until the end of spring to swim! Pool heating will also enable you to keep swimming well into autumn and beyond, so year-round swimming can become a possibility!

Your local Narellan Pools Builder is the contact you can rely on to get your vision for a heated pool underway. Not only can they help you find the perfect pool for your backyard, but they can also offer guidance on the pool heating method that will best suit your property and the way you intend to use your pool. When you’re ready to say ‘yes’ to the pool you’ve always dreamed of, they’ll then organise for your selected pool heater to be installed with your pool.

Contact your local Narellan Pools Builder today to start the process of planning the pool of your dreams, and to chat with them about what heating options are available to you.

Your heated paradise is closer than you think!

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