Plunge Pools Ideas To Make Your Backyard Stand Out

Do you think swimming pools are luxury only homes with large backyards can enjoy? Stop! Thanks to modern advancements in swimming pool design, engineering and materials, even the tiniest bite-sized backyard can have a beautiful plunge pool as its centrepiece.

What Is A Plunge Pool?

Plunge pools are just like regular-sized swimming pools, except smaller and typically deeper so you can “plunge” or submerge yourself into the water and relax. The small coverage area of plunge pools makes them ideally suited for smaller backyards where space is precious. These small swimming pools are also ideally suited for people with tighter budget constraints.

Small plunge pools range from 3.2m to 5.3m long and 1.75m to 3.2m wide. When it comes to depth, plunge pools can range between 0.40m and 1.65m deep. Other sizes of pools are also available – longer, shorter, wider, narrower, or deeper. It all depends on the size of your backyard,  budget, and any other specific needs.

Why Should You Consider A Plunge Pool?

Deciding to have any size swimming pool installed at your home is one of the best things you can do. Like large family pools, a small fibreglass plunge pool can add value while giving your family somewhere to relax and have fun.

Fibreglass plunge pools are perfect for relaxing and having fun entertaining friends and family. That’s why some people with larger backyards opt for a plunge pool. They take up less space, leaving more room for the dog and kids to play. A plunge pool also doubles as a water feature, creating a lovely tranquil area for relaxation that doesn’t dominate the backyard by taking up too much space.

There’s also a wide variety of optional features available for plunge pools uniquely suited for their smaller size. Add spa jets means and enjoy the hydro-therapeutic benefits or larger swim jets for resistance training. So even though most plunge pools are designed more for resting than fitness or getting active, swimming is still possible with some innovative accessories.

Who Would Suit A Plunge Pool?

Everybody wishes they had a private swimming pool in their backyard, especially when summer hits. As soon as the weather starts warming up and humidity kids in, a fibreglass plunge swimming pool would be the perfect place to take a dip and cool off from the New Zealand summer heat.

The deep design of plunge pools has the added benefit of being perfect for all kinds of water aerobics and low-intensity exercises. Plunge pools are ideal for aqua-aerobics activities to help relieve joint and muscle pain or gentle workouts for people of all ages and different capabilities.

The cool water of plunge pools can also be quite beneficial to muscles, nerves, skin, and immune systems. So taking a plunge in these smaller pools has the unique benefits of helping ease tired muscles after a long day while relaxing and lowering stress levels.

How Can You Style A Plunge Pool?

Good design is critical for a successful poolscape. When it comes to creating the perfect space surrounding your new plunge pool, look for clever ideas and configurations that will make your backyard pop! The good news is that the choices are almost limitless for styling up your poolside oasis.

A critical element of any poolscape is the lighting. It can have a dramatic impact when featured around the backyard on trees or rocks, especially when illuminating underwater. The perfect lighting bouncing around can make your new pool area feel like you’re at a resort on a tropical island.

As plunge pools are only small, the surrounding area can be anything you like. Build rock formations to create a privacy barrier or poolside seating or plant out lush green gardens. Another idea is to provide a little movement with sound by adding a waterfall, fountain or other water features.

Create the perfect place for pool parties and other event entertainment with some decking set up around your new plunge pool. Include some room for a lounge and some tables and chairs. Or even an outdoor kitchen with a conveniently located bar. Your imagination is your only limit!

Why Narellan Pools

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