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If you’re thinking about whether to install a pool, you’re probably at the stage where you’re weighing up the advantages and disadvantages associated with your many options. The reality of the situation is that there are many pools and many pool builders out there!

So how do you choose, and how do you feel confident you’ve made the right choice? First things first – consider your whole pool vision, from how you want it to look, to how it will gel with your backyard landscape and cater to your lifestyle. Consider these questions: Does your pool builder have a lot of experience, particularly in the local market? Can they provide various options to personalise your pool, such as an array of pool colours? Will that pool builder guide you through the installation process, so that you know what to expect? If your backyard is on the smaller side, does that pool builder offer solutions for backyards with limited space? Asking yourself those questions when looking for a pool builder will help you to narrow down the options.

It’s so important that you entrust your pool vision to a pool builder that is fully qualified, experienced, and helpful, so that you don’t end up a victim of dodgy workmanship.

Pool Installation and Service Done by Professionals

With over 47 years of experience, Narellan Pools has continued to focus on delivering exceptional client experiences, and this focus covers all areas of our business. We are a client-centric business acknowledged for our technologically advanced fibreglass swimming pools and our persistence in making our clients’ dream pools a reality. Our reputation for delivering the best client experiences has contributed to our growth not just in the A/NZ region, but overseas as well.

Our licensed local pool builders have all the relevant qualifications to install your fibreglass pool correctly and according to building codes. Being locals, our pool builders are also up to date with the permit requirements of their respective areas, so they’ll know what’s legally required for your site. Our pool builders will help in obtaining required statutory approvals, as well.

Many of our pool builders have been part of the Narellan Pools network for a long time. They believe in the brand and they know how it looks after clients on an ongoing basis. Some of our pool builders have installed hundreds of pools, so you can be sure that you’re working with incredibly experienced professionals.

We Construct AND Install

Narellan Pools don’t just install our incredible fibreglass pools – we build them, too.

In 2019, we were proud to open our new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Hamilton, and this is where your pool is handcrafted with care by experts, using only the highest quality raw materials. As we oversee the manufacturing of our pools, we can be certain of their quality, durability and resilience.

In other parts of the pool industry, the process is sometimes split – a manufacturer builds the pools, and then another business referred to as an ‘agent’ purchases the pools from the manufacturer and then installs them for clients.

In some instances, that might be an issue for a client if there ends up being a defect with an installed pool. The agent may not be fully aware of the materials used to make the pool, and as they’re separate from the manufacturer, they could have their own installation processes and post-installation services, so a client may not receive the service they expect and deserve.

There’s peace of mind with Narellan Pools, as we know the origins of our pool components, we know the installation procedures our pool builders carry out for your pool, and we know that you’ll receive great service from us, as you should.

Planning and installing your pool should be enjoyable for you and free of hassles, and with Narellan Pools, that’s the experience you’ll get. Your dream pool is an investment you’ve thought about for a while, so you don’t want a pool builder that doesn’t listen to you or thinks that every project can be managed with a one-size-fits-all approach. We know that your wishes and needs differ to the wishes and needs of others, and that’s why we’re so focused on supporting and guiding you through the full journey, from the initial planning stage all the way through to completion.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what path you should take to bring a pool to your backyard, so if you are unsure, you’ll be happy to know that we can definitely help. Our local pool builders are always ready to offer advice if needed, and they can let you know the best course to follow to get your dream pool into your backyard. We can assist you to determine how to get the most out of your space, even if your backyard is short on space. We understand that some backyards are smaller than others, so our range includes pool shells that are suited to backyards with limited space (such as our Eden and Nirvana pool shells). We even offer Free-Standing pools that are a really useful option for those with sloping backyards. Our pool shells come in a range of size options too, because we get that everyone has their own vision – some clients are looking for a pool that will complement other backyard features, and some other clients are looking for a pool that will fill up most of the backyard space.

As the manufacturing of our pools is done by us, Narellan Pools also knows the research, development and innovation backing and influencing the many brilliant features we offer, like our high-quality finishes and colour options. One of these offerings is our Marbleglass colour range, which features the latest Gelcoat technology, delivering better chemical resistance for your pool finish. Marbleglass is the most powerful pool finish that Narellan Pools has developed to date, and its array of colours is superb. Our passion for being innovative has also seen us develop excellent safety features, such as our child-safety ledge, which provides a safe way for kids to enter and exit the pool from any side. With these considerations influencing our product development, we know that we’re offering pools that are visually striking, easy-to-clean and perfect for families.

When it comes to installing your fibreglass pool, our local pool builders follow a set of Narellan Pools procedures designed to get your pool into the ground safely and efficiently. Your pool builder will communicate with the team delivering your pool shell and they’ll make sure the excavated site is ready to house the pool. They’ll also make certain that the pool is placed in the ground correctly. With Narellan Pools, you can trust your pool will be installed to specifications, and it will comply with engineering requirements.

Supported by the Systems of a Multinational Fibreglass Pool Brand

At Narellan Pools, our quality assurance systems are intended to make sure that the best pools are installed in the best way.

With innovation driving our commitment to quality, we’ve made sure that every one of our pools has an embedded microchip, which logs key pool data. Test results with a specific sample are documented and kept for each pool. Each one of our pools has a Pool Manufacturing Certificate as well, which is kept securely in our facilities and logs all the relevant details of the pool from its conception through to completion. The certificate makes note of such records as the technicians who worked on the pool, room temperatures when the pool was being built, and the weight of the pool, among others.

Critical to ensuring that we’re always developing our processes to be the most efficient they can be is the open communication and collaboration we have with our network of pool builders. We provide all our local pool builders with specialised Narellan Pools training, with this training program being continually reviewed so that our pool builders are always aware of the latest research and developments. We’ve invested time and care into the development of our training program, because a supportive, detailed and adaptive training program keeps everyone on the same page. This focus on training across the full breadth of our network is especially advantageous for our clients.

These are just some of the ways Narellan Pools looks after its operations, with the purpose being that your pool is constructed and installed to the highest quality standards, and that you can just focus on loving your new backyard feature!

Client Care is Paramount

Narellan Pools’ local pool builders are respectful of your vision and you can rely on them to install the pool of your dreams. Our pool builders will work with you to design a tailored solution that works with your space and reflects your personal style and how you plan to use the pool, i.e. for exercising, or teaching the kids to swim.

You’ll be guided by our local pool builders through the whole pool journey, from the beginning and through important and exciting decisions like choosing the colour of your pool – all the way through to installation and beyond.

We operate with integrity, so you’ll always know exactly where you stand throughout the process, and you will never have to worry about being faced with any hidden costs.

Purchasing a pool is a significant decision, and with your Narellan pool builder supporting you, you’ll be assured that your dream pool will be installed just as it should be. Every important element of your pool installation will be inspected by your Narellan pool builder, and this is to check that each step has been managed correctly. They won’t move on to the next installation step unless they’re satisfied everything has been done perfectly. When your pool goes in the ground, all of the plumbing and filtration equipment for your pool will be connected and tested then and there.

At that point, a ‘handover’ of your fibreglass pool will happen, and this will ensure that you’re ready to make the most of your delightful new pool. You’ll be handed a Pool Owner’s Manual, which includes the various steps to take to keep your pool healthy and in fantastic condition.

Another big indicator of how a pool business treats its clients is how they approach post-installation care. Once your Narellan pool is installed, the quality of our service doesn’t end there. You’ll be contacted by a member of the friendly Narellan Pools head office team, checking in to make sure you are absolutely satisfied.

As Narellan Pools builds AND installs its top-quality fibreglass pools, we believe in our product and service, and we want our clients to feel valued even after their pool installation. Our Client Care department is always available, so if you need us throughout or after your pool installation, we’ll be ready to assist.

With Narellan Pools, you’re going to have our full focus. We know how important it is for us to be transparent and efficient, and easy to reach at all times.

Our stringent quality control procedures have been put in place to ensure that our fibreglass swimming pools are manufactured to world-class standards, and our thorough and effective training and support systems will make sure our installation of your pool happens smoothly and seamlessly.

The passion and pride in our business extends from the top down, and our team and network are privileged that we’ve made so many pool dreams come true for so many clients. It’s wonderful that we can help transform backyards and share in the happiness our clients have when they see their pool installed.

We’re dedicated to delivering the perfect fibreglass pool for your home, as we know it will be a beautiful place for you, your family and friends to make many happy memories.

Have a chat with the team at Narellan Pools to discover how we can help to make your dream pool a reality.  Complete our  free quote form to arrange for your local pool builder to give you a call back.

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!