Mineral Water Pools — Are they Worth It?

When deciding on and selecting a new swimming pool you will be faced with a huge range of choices; shape, design, colour, finish, position, surroundings, heating, lighting. While these are all important aspects of your swimming pool’s design, there is one other factor — arguably the most important one — that is often forgotten. Water. 

Many prospective swimming pool buyers are not even aware that there are options available for the water in your pool. Water is water, isn’t it? H20. It’s all the same stuff, right? The reality is that while the water itself may the same, the additives and filtration systems required to keep your pool clean and healthy come in many different forms, the main contenders being chlorine, salt-water, and mineral water. 

Chemical dosing systems, usually chlorine, have been used in swimming pools for decades. They do work and keep the pool nice and clean, but they come with several downsides, mostly because it just adds chlorine to the pool water it leaves your skin and hair dry, stings the eyes, has a distinctive smell, and has negative environmental consequences. Saltwater pools similar to Mineral pools avoid many of these drawbacks, but what exactly are they and how do they work? 

What is a Salt and Mineral Water Swimming Pool? 

These types of swimming pool avoid the need to have many harsh chemicals around your pool as they generate their own sanitizers by using a system of electrolysis to keep the water bacteria and algae free. Similar to all other systems, the water is cycled through a sand filter, however, in the case of a mineral water pool, it is specifically through a filter filled with glass media (which achieves a much higher level of water clarity. The beauty of these electrolysis systems is that they are far lower maintenance than chlorine dosing systems, plus they provide a greater feel for bather comfort. 

A mineral pool takes bather comfort to another level, by swapping out most of the salt for a combination of salts and minerals the water takes on a new feel and condition by making the water softer and gentler on the skin, eyes and hair. And to go even one step further MagnaPool, the original and authentic mineral water pools, is the worlds only salt free mineral pool and provides the pinnacle of bather comfort and water clarity by removing all added sodium content from the pool. This means after a swim all the sticky residue on the skin or that tangling feeling in the hair is gone. 

Benefits To Your Pool 

Maintaining a mineral water pool is not any harder than maintaining a chemical pool, in fact, in many ways, it’s easier as the minerals and additives can better help to keep problems at bay. 

At the heart of most mineral pools is magnesium and for good reason, magnesium pools have some of the best water clarity around. Due to the way magnesium interacts with the water and filtering systems, it’s excellent at helping to filter out tiny micro-particles that can cause pool water to appear slightly discoloured or murky. It also works to prevent calcium build-up on components and surfaces, which means cheaper repair and maintenance costs in the long-term and less pool downtime, a win-win! 

Benefits To Your Health 

Mineral water pools aren’t just a great way to keep the water clean and clear, they also offer more than a few health benefits. Magnesium plays a crucial role in many of our bodies systems, especially for bones and tissue (skin), and what’s more, the body absorbs magnesium transdermally, i.e. through the skin. 

It makes skin feel soft, silky, and luxurious — which is especially noticeable compared to other methods such as chem dosing or saltwater systems which dry out skin and hair. It’s benefits to the skin don’t end there, though. It has further been shown to help with conditions such as eczema, acne, and sensitivity, while also restoring the natural elasticity of your skin. 

Magnesium is also great for helping tired and sore muscles relax and unwind, and when used before an intense workout, by taking a relaxing soak, it helps to prevent muscle fatigue and tearing. 

The premier mineral pools system known as MagnaPool as previously mentioned is the only salt free solution available. What’s the big deal about that, you probably ask? Because there is no added sodium the uptake of magnesium thru the skin is enhanced, the sensitivity to environmental factors is also increased as the water can be used for irrigation purposes (ie you can use your backwash water for watering your garden), plus the need for backwashing is reduced.

MagnaPools unique blend of magnesium and potassium minerals aid in supporting the body’s natural systems, reducing stress, and easing aches, plus will help to boost your energy and promote an all-round sense of wellbeing. 

Mineral Pools at Narellan 

Narellan Pools have a long history of providing the highest quality fibreglass swimming pools to our clients. Building on our decades of combined experience in design and construction of fibreglass swimming pools, Narellan is proud to offer an extensive range of styles and designs perfect for any backyard, all of which are now available in both chemical and customer favourite MagnaPool mineral water versions. 

Interested to find out more about installing a mineral fibreglass swimming pool? Our team are available to help, contact us today.

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!