Make Your Swim Season Last: How Pool Heating Can Help

Now that summer is over, and we’ve dealt with another few months of New Zealand heat, you might be thinking this year is going to be the year you decide to add a swimming pool to your backyard.

We all know how great lazing around in a pool with family and friends can be on a hot day. A quality swimming pool provides the perfect place to get the most out of warm weather, for plenty of reasons. With a pool in the comfort of your own backyard, you don’t have to worry about competing for air-conditioning at frustratingly packed shopping malls; you can easily cool off all while remaining at your property; and you have a place you can easily access to make many fun memories. A fact of swimming pools though, is that the seasons often control how much we can use them.

While New Zealand can get quite hot in the height of summer, the cold does eventually return, and when it does, the possibility of a dip in the pool quickly disappears. That often means families must wait until the return of the hotter months, to get back into their pool.

If you’re considering investing in a swimming pool, you’ll naturally be trying to work out if it’s worthwhile for you and your family. As part of this process, you might be wondering what can be done to make sure your swimming pool is used to the max. If you want to own a pool, you’ll be happy to know there are heating options and accessories which can take your swim season well into March and April.

Fibreglass with Thermal Properties

Designed to suit all sorts of weather, Narellan Pools’ fibreglass swimming pool shells are of an exceptional quality.

Our pools offer many great features, including the ability to hold and retain heat due to the thermal properties of our fibreglass. If you’re wanting your pool to stay warmer for longer, opting for a high-quality fibreglass swimming pool from Narellan Pools is a great way to go. The thermal properties of our fibreglass helps you get into your Narellan pool easily, as the pool shell absorbs warmth from the sun, making the water temperature comfortable. With a Narellan fibreglass swimming pool in your backyard, you can benefit from your pool even after summer ends.

Systems for Pool Heating

If having a warm pool to swim in when you want sounds like a great idea, a pool heating system could be a great solution for you. There are an array of heating options in the market which are designed to keep your swimming pool nice and warm even when it’s cool outside. Let’s take a look at three systems that your beautiful new pool can be heated by:

  • Solar Heating

For places that get a lot of sun, Solar Heating is a fantastic heating option, but just know that you’ll need to make the initial investment to get the required equipment installed on your roof. Solar pool heating is more considerate of the environment when compared with other heating options and is suitable for many homes in New Zealand.

  • Gas Heating

The running costs of Gas Heating can often be more expensive than other pool heating options, but gas heating does provide more instant warmth – perfect if you just want to get in the pool, quick! With gas pool heating, you can use natural gas or LPG as the source.

  • Electric Heat Pumps

Electric Heating systems provide a more energy-efficient heating source for your pool. Electric heat pumps typically won’t heat the water fast, but they’ll keep your pool water at a stable temperature.

With Narellan Pools, you can select from either of the three options mentioned above, and these heating methods can be used separately or in conjunction to create the right pool heating solution for your property, budget and pool use.

Keeping Your Pool Warm with Accessories

Aside from pool heating systems, there are equipment and accessories available you can use for various purposes, including keeping your pool warm.

Have you heard of a pool blanket? A fitted pool blanket is a soft cover that is placed across a pool’s surface and is designed to help limit water loss and evaporation from the pool.

With a high-quality pool blanket installed, heat in your pool will be retained and you’ll stop debris getting inside your pool. They are usually easily operated by a manual roller, or by an automated roller cover.

Solar pool blankets deliver several benefits, including increasing the temperature of your pool water by about 6 degrees. With this boost in temperature, you’ll be able to swim later in the day when the temperature falls, and even as the months get cooler.

If the idea of a solar pool blanket interests you, your local Narellan pool builder can help you to get a fitted solar blanket installed, resulting in a reduction of your pool’s evaporation and water loss by 97%. This is especially useful for pool owners living in areas with water restrictions when topping up pools can become an issue.

There are also solid pool covers you can purchase. Like a pool blanket, a solid pool cover prevents heat being lost through the pool’s surface, and helps keep debris out – and when you spend less time cleaning out your pool, you get more time to actually swim in your pool!

Compared with a typical pool blanket, a solid pool cover can be more expensive, but a solid cover is designed to enhance the safety of your pool environment due to its solid construction.

Note that any pool blanket or cover installed will need to be taken off your pool on a weekly basis at the very least. This is so your pool can breathe and, if your pool is chlorinated, you’ll protect it and the pool equipment from chlorine levels that may possibly reach above the manufacturers’ specifications.

Hold on to the Heat

A swimming pool is a big investment, so when you’re considering installing one, you want to know it will seamlessly fit in with your lifestyle. You also don’t want your pool to be a dormant water feature in the backyard – not being used for half a year.

So that you can keep swimming in your pool even after summer ends – and for a lot of the year – it’s worth incorporating heating into the planning stage.

A great place to start is a Narellan pool, thanks to its high-quality fibreglass with thermal properties.

From the time you select a pool, you can make a decision on installing solar, gas or electric heating. To help you work out which of these systems would be best for your situation, your local Narellan pool builder will be happy to have a chat with you. Whatever option/s you go with, a warm, inviting pool will be the reward of your planning!

You may decide to invest in a pool blanket, offering you various benefits, such as the all-important reduction in water loss and evaporation.

If heating for your new pool is a must for you, the good news is you can plan and organise your new fibreglass pool’s installation as well as the installation of its heating, by speaking with just one important contact– your local Narellan pool builder.

With summer done and dusted, you may be thinking it’s too soon to organise installation of your dream pool. Actually, this time of year is perfect for dream pool planning because your pool will be installed and ready to go for when the warmth returns – so you’ll get maximum use of your new backyard addition right away! Contact Narellan Pools today to find out how your dream pool experience will be straight-forward and hassle-free with us, and learn more about the pool heating options we have available that will allow you to enjoy your swimming pool even in the cooler months.

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!