Make fitness your 2021 resolution, with the help of your pool!

Who can believe it’s 2021? We’re finally here!

Most of us are more than happy to put 2020 behind us and begin 2021 with a more positive outlook. If you’re thinking about how you can create more positivity in your life this year, then perhaps it’s time to create some New Year’s resolutions, focusing on your health and happiness!

A New Year’s resolution to improve your fitness is one of the best ways you can put you first, this year. There are several avenues for enhancing your fitness, and exercise is critical. You could purchase a gym membership, or begin hiking with a friend, but if social distancing restrictions prevent you from keeping to those commitments, there is a great alternative – exercising in your very own pool!

Your swimming pool provides you a dedicated space to achieve your fitness goals this year. There are so many exercises and activities you can do in your pool, and water-based exercise offer plenty of benefits. For example, water puts less pressure on joints and muscles, making water aerobics and other water-based exercises a great alternative to traditional exercises.

Below, we delve into some of the activities you can do you in your pool, to aid you in achieving your New Year’s resolution of a healthier, happier you!

Water Aerobics

You’re probably familiar with what water aerobics are, but have you ever tried them? These straight-forward and effective exercises are performed in water, and aim to increase your strength while putting less pressure on your heart, joints and muscles. You can begin your water aerobics session with a warm-up, where you can repeat some exercises like jumping on the spot (bringing your knees as far up as you can in the water), or stepping forward a few steps in the pool, and then stepping backwards a few steps. Then you can move on to exercises to enhance your range of motion and encourage increased flexibility. Try standing on one foot while lifting your other leg straight up, and stretch out with your hand to touch the toes on your raised leg. Swap legs and repeat as often as you’re comfortable with. Follow that with a cool down procedure, and opt for gentle exercises like heel touches in the water. For more water aerobics exercise ideas, you’ll find plenty with a quick search online.

Swimming Laps

When you think of keeping fit in a pool, you likely think of swimming laps. Recognised for providing benefits for cardiovascular health, swimming laps will help to keep your heart, as well as your body, in tip-top condition. The water means less impact on your body, and as you swim laps, you build strength over time. If you’ve never swum laps before, begin with a smaller goal. Set yourself a target of swimming two, then five, then 10 laps, over a period of time, but make sure you’re aware of what your body is capable of throughout. With regular lap swimming, you’ll find that you can increase how many laps you swim over time.

Swim with Swim Jets

These clever devices are easily installed in pools and provide a strong current of water to swim against. If you have a small pool, and swimming laps really isn’t an option in it, you’ll find that having swim jets makes swimming laps possible for you. Often, people training for sporting competitions or events opt for swim jets in their pool, as they allow them to stay in the comfort and privacy of their backyard to train. Of course, you don’t need to be an athlete to benefit from having swim jets installed. If you’re limited in terms of pool space, but prefer swimming laps over other water-based activities, these awesome additions to your pool will do the trick.

Use Bungee Straps

A cheaper option compared to swim jets, bungee straps are designed to let you swim laps, and you can take them in and out of the pool. There are different designs available – you can have bungee strap cords that are attached to your ankle, or ones that attach to a belt you wear around your waist. The other ends of the cords are then attached to an immoveable object at the rear of the pool. They differ from swim jets in that instead of having a strong current you push forward against, the bungee strap you’re wearing pulls you back. This allows you to swim against the resistance.

As a pool owner, there are many exercises and activities you can engage in to make 2021 your ‘year of fitness’. Forget staying indoors to get your daily exercise – head to your backyard and into the swimming pool to get started on your fitness resolution.

If your backyard is missing the all-important swimming pool, you can welcome in 2021 in the best way possible by having a Narellan pool installed! Not only will you have the perfect space for you to exercise at home, your pool will also be a destination for you to reconnect with family and friends, unwind after a long week, and simply take time out for you.

Start 2021 by saying ‘yes’ to the pool of your dreams. Reach out to us for a free quote today!

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