Is Your Backyard Pool Ready? What You Need to Know Before Installation

The addition of a fibreglass swimming pool to your backyard is like any significant improvement to your property – it requires careful planning and assessment to ensure that everything goes to plan. Once you have made the decision to purchase a pool, the next step should be to assess and evaluate if your backyard is pool ready, or what, if any, changes and considerations may need to be taken into account.

Your pool builder will be able to walk you through each of these assessments and will be in the best position to assess and advise you on the readiness, but nonetheless, it is useful if you have an understanding of what needs to be checked and what the builders are looking for.

Terrain and Elevation

The terrain and elevation of your backyard will have one of the biggest impacts on the type, style, and design of the swimming pool that is best suited for you. If your yard has significant slopes, for example, there will likely be extra construction work to level the ground and provide the supporting structure of the pool. With an extensive range of designs available as free-standing above ground pools, Narellan Pools will have a pool solution perfectly suited to whatever terrain your backyard has.

Below The Surface

The ground beneath the top-soil surface of your backyard can hold many different challenges and risks to work around. Buried large boulders, for instance, can be costly to remove, but the real risk comes from inadvertently hitting infrastructure pipes and cables when digging. There are services available that can help to inform you about any hidden infrastructure that may be beneath your yard, but care should still be taken as there can always be surprises. There will be a thorough survey taken to identify any issues before work can commence.

Survey the Space

Before you can select a swimming pool shell design and size, you have to know what space there is to work with. Getting an accurate measurement of the space available in your backyard is crucial to assessing its readiness. When looking at sizes after you have the measurements, be mindful to take into account the pool surround, fencing, and any poolside additions that will take up extra space as listed sizes are usually for the pool shell only.

Assessing the Position

When positioning your swimming pool there are a lot of elements and factors to take into consideration. In most cases, there are only one or two obvious locations that your swimming pool will fit perfectly in your backyard, so understanding the restraints and challenges these locations present, and therefore what changes or accommodations may be required, is important in assessing the yard’s readiness. Some things to look out for and consider is the position of the pool in relation to the house, yard walls, and fences, which can affect the amount of sun or shade the pool gets, or trees and other garden plants which, if too close, can lead to excessive debris build-up.

Permissions and Permits

Any construction, however small or big, is required to follow certain rules, regulations, and obtain various permissions and permits for local authorities. These rarely present a major challenge to installing your swimming pool, but if the regulations aren’t followed correctly, and the relevant permits obtained, it can cause significant delays and add potential additional costs. Knowing which regulations apply and how to navigate the permit process can be tricky, so it’s best to consult with your pool builder who will have the needed experience.

Pool Installation with Narellan Pools

The installation of a fibreglass swimming pool with Narellan Pools is a streamlined and trouble-free process. The team at Narellan Pools has decades of experience in delivering the highest quality fibreglass pool products and installation services to our clients throughout New Zealand. We guarantee that your pool installation process will be as smooth as possible. The process starts with your local Narellan Pools Builder attending your property to assist in making all the assessments laid out above to help you select and design a pool that will be best suited to your backyard. Once the assessment is complete, the team will work with you closely to select the ideal pool shell design and size, drawing detailed layouts to give you a feel for the relative size and position in your backyard. Finally, they’ll work to ensure that all the appropriate permits, approvals, and council regulations are issued and complied with, preventing any unexpected delays or surprises.

Get in touch with the team at Narellan Pools today to find out how we can help you check if your backyard is swimming pool ready.

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!