Inground Pool Designs – Choosing The Right Option For You

When you’ve decided it’s finally time to transform your backyard and get the inground pool you’ve been dreaming of, you’ll have some tough decisions ahead of you. Inground pools come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colours. Choosing what’s right for your family and your backyard will depend on multiple factors, including your personal taste and the dimensions of your outdoor space.

Planning ahead and looping in professionals will ensure the pool you choose will perfectly reflect your personality and transform your backyard. Here are a few things you should consider to get the most out of your outdoor area when trying to decide which inground pool to install.

Points to consider when choosing your pool

Your budget

If you’re committed to adding a pool to your backyard, take some time to consider your budget. Buying a pool is just one cost to prepare for. You’ll also have to consider other costs such as installation, landscaping, and installing proper fencing to comply with local by-laws and regulations. Pools come at a variety of price points, depending largely on their size. Prices can increase as well if you want to add various bells and whistles (like fountains or water slides).

The shape and size of your backyard

The dimensions of your backyard will dictate what type or size of pool will work best for you. If your backyard is compact, a plunge pool may have the perfect dimensions. For larger back yards, larger pools can be considered, in both modern and freeform designs.

Your lifestyle

Once you’ve locked in what approximate size may be best suited for the space you have, it’s time to think about how you’ll use the pool. Is it for entertaining family and friends? Do you just want a place you can dip into on a hot day? Will you use it for exercise and swimming laps? There are a variety of pool types that fit various needs, from spa and wading pools to more sizeable inground pools the whole family can enjoy

A pool design

Fibreglass inground pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also come with a diverse colour range to suit your backyard design. You’ll need to decide if you want a darker colour which will give your pool a rich deep ocean-like look and feel, or something lighter that will give off more tropical vibes.

The larger design of the entire backyard space

Don’t just focus on the swimming pool itself. With a swimming pool, the whole backyard will be transformed, so consider the larger vibe you’d like to have. Will the backyard be for entertaining? If so, consider placements for decks and patios, where guests can lounge and enjoy themselves in and out of the pool. If you’re working to create more of a backyard escape, consider how you can use foliage or privacy walls to build out a more intimate setting.

Pool placement

Since the pool will be a permanent fixture and the main feature of not only the back yard but the house itself, make sure you get the placement right. Arranging the pool so it can be seen from inside the home not only allows for picturesque views, it also allows you to easily monitor children when they are using the pool. If you’re excited about the prospect of entertaining, having a patio or deck leading right from the inside to the pool also will help with controlling foot traffic in the future.

Ongoing pool maintenance

Maintenance will be an important part of the health of your pool in the future. The good news is, with Narellan fibreglass inground pools, the shells are manufactured to the highest standard for maximum durability, designed to last a lifetime. The shell itself is flexible, to adjust with ground conditions and the Aquaguard® gel coating keeps the colour vibrant while protecting the pool against UV and bacteria growth. This means you’ll need fewer chemicals to treat the pool in order to keep the water clear and sparkling.

However, over time, costs will accrue in terms of having to purchase pool chemicals, testing kits, skimmers, a cover, and vacuum. If you decide to heat your pool, expect a higher energy bill as well. When building out your overall budget, make sure to account for these costs.

How Narellan can help

Narellan has over 47 years of experience working with homeowners and families. That means we understand the entire process and can help you choose the pool that will best fit your needs and reflect your lifestyle. Our service doesn’t stop with your purchase of a fibreglass shell. Our network of local swimming pool builders will properly install your inground pool, ensuring you end up with a unique backyard oasis that’s sure to be enjoyed for years to come.

If you’re still not sure which inground swimming pool suits your needs then contact the team at Narellan Pools

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!