How to personalise your pool area

As with everywhere else in your home, your pool and outdoor entertaining space reflects your individual style. Planning the pool you’ve always wanted takes time – you’ll likely be making plans even before you select a pool builder, so no doubt you’ll have opinions and ideas about how the space should look when complete.

When you start working with your pool builder, ensure they’re aware of any must-haves to create your dream. They’re there to help advise you on pool design, size and colour, and they can even suggest landscaping options. With their support, you’ll be able to map out the pool space that works with your backyard and your vision.

There’s no need to stop there, though. You can continue to highlight your style by decorating the pool area.

Whether you choose to go minimal with furniture and soft furnishings, or you opt for resort-style glam with poolside plants and pool accessories, you can add your own personal touch to your pool area with ease. So, read on for ideas and inspiration!


While your pool space will bring functionality to your backyard, you can bring more functionality to your pool space through the addition of furniture. A couple of deck chairs poolside may be all you’re after, or if you’re an entertainer, a table and chairs for 12 people in your outdoor entertaining space could be perfect. Choose a theme as the foundation for how you add to the pool space. Popular poolside themes include the Hampton’s look, the coastal style, and the classic French Provincial look. If you go for a Hampton’s theme for instance, you might like such furniture choices as Adirondack chairs! Think about what will blend well with your property’s exterior when choosing your theme, but also consider what will feel most welcoming to you.

Soft Furnishings

Outdoor rugs, throw rugs and cushions can take your style to your pool space, and won’t break the budget in terms of decorating options. Keep to your theme, and remember comfort is the most important thing when buying soft furnishings. Sequined cushions are a bit of fun but don’t really suit the outdoors! Weather-resistant cushions and throws are designed to withstand being outside, so look for those. Try to match the colours to your theme; if a Hampton’s look is what you’ve chosen, you could place a straw rug under your outdoor table and add a pale blue table runner to it. In the pool area, some navy and white cushions for your deckchairs will align with the theme beautifully.


You don’t have to be a green thumb to make your poolside area a plant paradise! Simply introduce plants and flowers that you love to transform the space. Potted plants are a great choice for the poolside area as they’re transportable and easily maintained. Small ferns and palms are classic choices for New Zealand backyards, along with succulents. If you want colour, go for some birds of paradise or cordylines. Steer clear of plants that shed their leaves regularly, as they’ll end up becoming debris in your pool.

Pool Accessories

Another method to personalise your pool space is to add pool accessories. You might want to install pool lights – you can get them installed in your pool, or after your pool is completed, you can add a string of festoon lights somewhere nearby. These lights look amazing draped along raised garden beds. You could also bring in some awesome pool floats. If you’re a movie fan, you could get an inflatable poolside movie screen! If you’re wanting a poolside accessory that will complement the pool perfectly, consider building a cabana for a spot to relax by the pool.

However you personalise your pool space, the result will surely delight you and your family. A functional and inviting poolside space and backyard will see you spend more time in and around your pool.

So, when you’re planning the pool you’ve always wanted, make sure you jot down the decorative additions you’re keen on, so you can truly complete your new backyard addition! Check out how Narellan Pools clients brought their own style to their pool areas by perusing our Gallery. It’s a great source of inspiration!

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