How Long Does It Take to Build a Fibreglass Swimming Pool?

If you are considering getting a new fibreglass swimming pool you will naturally be wondering how long it will take to have it built and installed. The timeline of a pool build isn’t a straightforward question. A number of different factors go into designing, crafting, and installing the perfect swimming pool. 

At Narellan Pools, our speciality is delivering high-quality fibreglass swimming pools in a timeframe that suits you. Our fibreglass pool shells are handcrafted in-house by our skilled craftsmen at our own manufacturing facility, before being delivered directly to your property for installation. Being in full control of the design, construction, and installation process allows us to offer bespoke and tailored service in record-breaking time. Read on to find out more about the various steps of the pool design and installation process.

Design Phase

The design phase is where your vision starts to come to life. Working closely with our team, you will select and craft your vision for your backyard swimming pool, tweaking and adjusting until everything is just perfect. The nature of design means that the time required for this step will depend on the number of revisions required to reach your dream pool.

Approvals Process

The approvals process is by far the longest part of the pool design and installation journey, and it is also the only part that we have no direct control over. Before your swimming pool can become a reality, various permits and planning permissions will need to be granted by the local authorities, and depending on their schedule this process can take a few weeks or a couple of months.

The Pool

The pool installation is by far the quickest part of the overall pool design and installation process. Once the design has been completed and the relevant approvals have been granted, your fibreglass swimming pool will be delivered directly to your property and installed by your local pool builder in just a couple of days.

Fencing and Tiling

Once your pool shell has been installed, it’s time to add the finishing touches and legal safety requirements. Good quality fencing and tiling will not only make your pool safer, but it adds a stylish finish to complete the look of your backyard oasis. Finishing the fencing and tiling takes just a couple of days.


Landscaping is what truly finishes your pool area by tying everything together and bringing your final design vision to life. The amount of time required for landscaping will vary depending on the amount of work required, but generally, it takes about the same time as the pool installation and will be completed in less than a week.

Seasonal Demand

These timelines are only guidelines and sometimes other factors can have an impact on the amount of time it will take for your pool to be constructed and installed. One of the biggest factors that can delay your pool project is the time of year when you get things started. The busiest time for new pools is spring and summer, with clients seeking to have their new pool ready for the hotter months. For the fastest installation, consider ordering your new pool in the off-peak seasons of Autumn and Winter when there will be less demand for appointments.

Narellan Pools

Narellan Pools have plenty of experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing the highest quality fibreglass swimming pools in record-breaking time for clients throughout New Zealand. We have carefully crafted a selection of pool shell designs perfectly suited to any backyard. From plunge pools to lap pools, backyard spas to large family pools, Narellan Pools has you covered.

Get in touch with the team at Narellan Pools to find out how fast we can deliver your new fibreglass swimming pool.

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!