Housebuilding? A Great Time for a Narellan Pools Sleeper Pool

Are you getting ready to build your first family home? Are you looking to build a property that allows you to downsize, now that the kids have left home? Are you relocating to a new place and hoping to have a newly built home that will work better with your lifestyle?

Whatever has led to your decision to construct a brand new home, now is a great time to consider installing a pool at your new property.

A beautiful pool can really enhance the look and feel of your house and backyard. It provides an excellent space for you to relax and entertain with family and friends, it’s an attractive backyard feature and will be a popular talking point when visitors are over, and it can update and add value to a backyard that may have been bare and without character.

A quality pool is a fantastic way to enhance to already-established properties, but it’s also a brilliant option to add to a house being built.

If you’re now preparing to build your new house, read on to discover why installing a pool at this time will be very beneficial.

Timing Everything Perfectly

When you’re about to start the process of building your new home, you’ll spend a lot of time considering and planning, to get your home move-in-ready, quickly! It’s also a very exciting time, and there’s a lot involved in home building that is really fun – like those interior design aspects where your style and personal taste can be put on display.

With all the planning that goes into establishing the home, the backyard is often looked at last in the property development. Of course, this means that once the house is built and ready to move into, homeowners face the looming challenge of planning and developing the backyard they want, so that they’ll be able to eventually benefit from all their property has to offer, internally and externally.

While it isn’t necessarily a drama to build your dream backyard after your house is built, if you want to have a swimming pool installed, you might find the process easier for you if you organise the installation of your pool to align with the construction of your house.

Narellan Pools are expert installers of high-quality fibreglass swimming pools, and with a strategy of continual innovation and making pool installation super convenient, we launched our amazing Sleeper Pools, which get put into the ground before you move into your newly constructed home.

New Home and New Pool – Making Life Convenient

Your new home is complete and ready to be lived in – obviously, you’re excited! Disappointingly, though, there’s a pile of dirt where the backyard should be, and that means quality time with family and friends won’t be happening in the yard any time soon.

The good news is that you can avoid that frustrating situation by forward planning and organising the installation of an exceptional Sleeper Pool from Narellan Pools, to work with your home-build.

Installing your pool to coincide with your home-build provides a number of benefits – one of these benefits is that you’ll only require the one planning submission to go to your local council, with the one submission covering your house and pool. If you were to leave installing your dream pool to after you move in, a separate planning submission would need to be lodged with your local council or certifier to get approval for your pool.

With their many years of experience, our local pool builders have made many families happy by adding incredible Sleeper Pools to their new-build properties.

A Narellan Pools Sleeper Pool is a pool shell from our range that is put into the backyard of your new-build home, before the home itself is built. A Sleeper Pool enables you to make the most of your backyard from the earliest moments of being in your newly constructed house. By installing a Sleeper Pool for the home-build phase, you’ll be able to enjoy your backyard almost as quickly as you move in. All the groundwork required for the pool and its placement into the ground will have been completed ahead of your move-in date, and your Sleeper Pool will have been boarded up with a fence put around it for safety. The boarding up of your pool will also help keep it secure. When it’s time for you to move in, you’ll need to get the final pool installation steps sorted, and your local pool builder will be on hand to help. These last few steps include connecting the plumbing and filtration equipment to get your new pool swim ready.

We’ve designed our Sleeper Pools to save you time in the long run. When you move into your newly built home, the last thing you want is to wait weeks for your dream pool to be installed – you want to get the most out of your space and enjoy it immediately! With a Narellan Sleeper Pool, the more time-intensive components of the pool installation process are done before your move-in date.

A Sleeper Pool is a useful option when compared to a pool that is installed after you move into your newly constructed house. For a pool that is installed after your move-in date, you’ll end up waiting for the pool to be developed and then installed, and any landscaping you plan to have around the pool will have to hold off until your pool is in place. With a Sleeper Pool, as your selected pool shell is already in the ground before you move in, you can get straight onto doing the pool landscaping. Before long, you’ll be swimming in your new pool!

As our Sleeper Pool shells are put into position on your site prior to the home-build phase, you can avoid having to pay for soil removal down the track. This is because quite often, the soil removed to enable the pool shell to go into the ground, can be used in other parts of your yard for your other landscaping plans.

Getting in early with the installation of your pool is also a good way to avoid the cost of using a crane to get your pool into the right position – a lot of the time, our Sleeper Pools can be installed before a crane is needed.

Sleeper Pool Installation with Narellan Pools

At Narellan Pools, we acknowledge that installing a pool represents a big investment for homeowners. The process can seem a little overwhelming, especially if this is the first time you’ve ever installed a pool. We want to let you know that you’re in safe (and supportive) hands with us, and our dedication to looking after our clients means that we’ll do everything we can to ensure your pool installation experience is free of hassles.

Perhaps you weren’t aware that a Sleeper Pool was an option for your new-build place, and you were thinking of organising your pool to be installed after your home is built. You’ll be happy to know that the home-building phase is really convenient for pool installation, and with your Narellan Pools local pool builder helping you, you’ll be able to plan a Sleeper Pool that caters to your lifestyle, budget and backyard vision.

Narellan Pools has a truly wonderful selection of pool shell shapes and sizes, so your Sleeper Pool can fully complement your backyard’s shape and size. With a lot of contemporary housing estates, homeowners often end up getting a backyard space that’s on the smaller side. Our local pool builders have plenty of experience finding solutions for smaller spaces, and in our range we have brilliant compact-sized shells such as our Eden and Nirvana models. You can learn more about these pools by clicking here.

With a Narellan Pools Sleeper Pool, the pool quality and finish standards are the same as with every other one of our pool installations, so we know that your fibreglass Sleeper Pool will be built to the topmost quality standards. The systems and processes that have gone into the manufacturing of our pools have earned us ISO 9001 accreditation. In terms of the look and design of your pool, you’re spoilt for choice with Narellan Pools, so you can truly make your pool a reflection of your style and taste. We have a fantastic range of pool finishes, with our innovative Marbleglass finish range offering an array of beautiful pool colour choices for your Sleeper Pool.

As Narellan Pools understands that you’re going to be kept fairly busy with the many aspects of your home-build, we’re sure you’ll appreciate that we’ll work with you and your home builder in a timely, efficient manner to plan your dream pool and how its installation will happen to align best with the construction of your home. Our local pool builders often work closely with home builders, so you can be sure that your dream pool installation will be given the same respect and attention as any of the other key home-building steps. With our detailed pool planning and installation process, and our communication with you and your home builder, a summer oasis will be in your backyard in no time!

Narellan Pools operates with transparency and integrity. We’ll make sure you’re aware of the complete installation process for your Sleeper Pool from the start, and you won’t ever face any hidden costs.

At the end of the process, you’ll have an exceptional high-quality fibreglass swimming pool, transforming an empty backyard into a visually striking and functional space perfect for relaxing, having fun and making lifelong memories with family and friends.

By having Narellan Pools install your Sleeper Pool, the backyard of your newly constructed home will provide you with an outdoor destination to enjoy when you move in, instead of an unusable backyard space that keeps you and the family inside until something is done with it.

When your Sleeper Pool is installed, we’ll provide you with your Pool Owner’s Manual, which is designed to make looking after your pool easy with its maintenance instructions and other inclusions.

The Next Steps

Narellan Pools are committed to ensuring the organisation of your Sleeper Pool is a straight-forward process, and your local Narellan pool builder will guide you through the journey to achieving your dream pool. We’re proud to deliver the world’s best and most loved client experiences, so you can be sure you and your pool vision will be looked after by us.

If you’re about to commence the construction of your new home, now is a wonderful time to get in contact with the friendly Narellan Pools team to find out more about how our Sleeper Pools can offer a fantastic solution for your backyard.

Speak to Narellan Pools today to discuss how your planned new-build property can become the full package of fun with the addition of a Sleeper Pool!

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!