Great Meals for Winter Entertaining by the Pool

The year is flying by and we are starting to face those cooler days and nights, so this is the perfect time to plan a party by the pool! There are many benefits to hosting a poolside party in winter; for starters, it’s a lot easier to relax with guests when you feel cool and comfortable, but there’s also less chance of flies annoying you as you eat, and you can enjoy some wonderful hot meals to keep you toasty.

No matter if you’re planning a simple party for the kids, or a cozy dinner gathering with friends, there are so many delicious meal ideas you can use to feed your guests. In this blog, we include some of our most-loved meal ideas for winter entertaining poolside, so consider whipping these tasty treats up for your next gathering!

For the Kids

The kids are bringing their friends over to use your heated pool? You’re best to stick with easy finger foods – they’ll save you time in preparation and are easy for little hands to hold. Finger foods tend to be affordable as well, so are a great option when you expect plenty of little guests!

If you’re cooking with an oven, opt for:

  • Chicken meatballs
  • Sausage rolls
  • Potato rostis
  • Spinach and cheese pastizzis

If you’re cooking with a barbeque, try the following food ideas:

  • Lamb, capsicum and onion kebab skewers
  • Sausage sandwiches
  • Mini beef and cheese sliders

For the Big Kids

It’s beneficial for our health and happiness to spend time with friends. Sharing each other’s company over a lovely dinner, in your outdoor entertaining area with the pool in view, is a wonderful way to spend a winter night together.

For your dinner party, why not treat you and your guests to a delicious, barbequed dinner?

Using your barbeque means you can stay among the activity of your outdoor dinner party, rather than spending most of your time in the kitchen, away from everyone!

For a fancier barbequed dinner, consider cooking a lamb shoulder on the barbeque. Pair the lamb with barbequed corn cobs brushed with some butter and paprika, and serve them with a green salad consisting of mixed greens, green beans, cucumber and mint.

If a more low-key dinner is what you’re after, your barbeque will still allow you to prepare a delicious meal. A simple but tasty meal includes some sausages, beef, onion and garlic rissoles, and vegetables like capsicum, tomato, zucchini, and asparagus. Cook them all on the barbeque to save time and avoid lots of washing up!

Whether you’re set to have an informal gathering or a glamorous dinner party, your poolside area can be ideal for entertaining.

As winter approaches, start collecting some outdoor blankets and candles ahead of your gatherings, to keep your guests warm and to create a wintry glow for your table. You could also look at getting an outdoor heater, particularly if you live somewhere that gets really chilly.

If you have lights in your pool, turn them on ahead of your evening get-together, and your pool will be a glowing backdrop for your party!

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