FAQs About Pool Installations Answered

When planning the pool you’ve always wanted, you’ll probably find you have many questions along the way. It’s exciting to create your dream pool space, but if you’ve never owned a pool before, it can also seem daunting.

If this happens to be you, there’s no need to worry. There are some questions about the pool planning and building process that we know can come up a lot, so we’ve put together a list of these FAQs with their answers, to make it easy for you to get answers in the one place!

•          I want a pool, but I have a small backyard. What are my options?

You are not alone! Smaller-sized backyards are very common these days (especially with new housing estates), so if you have a small yard, you can find yourself wondering if your dream is even possible. The good news is, there are swimming pool solutions that are ideal for compact yards! The Narellan Pools range offers several compact-sized swimming pools and plunge pools that are perfect for small spaces. The Symphony 5, for instance, is just 5m long and 3.1m wide in waterline dimensions, so this popular pool can take pride of place in a small backyard. If your yard is narrow, the Eden Slimline – at just 1.85m wide and 4.75m long (waterline dimensions) – is a fantastic option, providing you room to swim and relax. Book in a free on-site consultation with your local Narellan Pools Builder, to get their advice on the perfect pool for your yard and your vision.

•          Can you work around the difficult access to my property?

Narellan Pools Builders can use a variety of methods to get pools into place! Some transportation methods they’ve used include cranes, boats and helicopters! You may need road closures depending on your location, and your local Narellan Pools Builder will be able to arrange them if necessary. More than one type of transportation could be needed to get your pool into its final place as well, but your local Narellan Pools Builder will let you know what’s involved in your quote. Just because your property is tricky to access, doesn’t mean you have to forgo the pool you’ve dreamed of!

•          How quickly will my pool be installed?

A number of factors can impact how quickly your pool will be installed, but fibreglass pools are generally faster to install than concrete pools. With Narellan Pools, your outstanding fibreglass swimming pool can often be installed in weeks. This is because the pool shell is already pre-constructed when it arrives to your property to be installed. As we’ve already constructed your pool shell, you save on installation time as unlike a concrete pool, your Narellan Pool won’t have to be built from scratch in your backyard. It’s also important to note that every local Narellan Pools Builder has their own installation schedule. Early in the planning process, speak with your local Narellan Pools Builder about their install schedule, to gauge when you can expect your pool to be installed.

•          I’m just looking for ideas at the moment – where can I look for inspiration?

You should head to the Narellan Pools Gallery! Our online gallery is a great source of inspiration, allowing you to filter pools by shape, size, colour and feature, so you can narrow down what you like easily. Our gallery is a collection of images of Narellan Pools in all sorts of backyards, so you can see how other Narellan Pools clients have brought their own dream pool areas to life.

Another great tool to inspire you is the Narellan Pools AR App! The app is powered by augmented reality, allowing you to digitally place a Narellan Pool in your own backyard! You can also view our product range and pool dimensions through the app, so everything is in the one place! This awesome tool will help you determine what best suits your backyard, from pool design to pool size and colour.

You might have other questions about the pool planning and construction process, and your local Narellan Pools Builder is on hand to answer them.

They understand that for most families, a swimming pool is a major investment, so they’re focused on providing you all the information you need so you can confidently say ‘yes’ to the pool of your dreams. Contact them today by clicking here!

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!