Customise Your Plunge Pool with Narellan Pools

A swimming pool is part of the home – just like any room in your house. And like the interior of your home, your swimming pool shouldn’t be a cookie-cutter experience—an exact duplicate of every other swimming pool out there. 

At Narellan Pools, we pride ourselves on offering our clients a unique design experience. With a choice of shapes, designs, colours, and accessories, your high-quality fibreglass plunge pool is sure to be built exactly to your taste.

Shape and Design

Every backyard space is a unique size and shape. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to swimming pool shells. Your Narellan Pools fibreglass pool should fit into your backyard seamlessly, becoming an extension of your property. With options both large and small, in traditional rectangles and unique designs, Narellan Pools has designed a variety of different pool shells for our range designed to work in any backyard. 

Colour Range

The colour of your swimming pool can change the whole feel of the backyard space. From tranquil blues to natural stones, stylish greys to delightful greens, at Narellan Pools we have a wide range of colours available to suit any backyard design.

All of our colour choices are protected by our Aquaguard® gel coating to protect the finish, discourage algae and bacterial growth, and prolong the colour’s vibrance even in the toughest UV conditions.


The swimming pool shell is only the beginning of your unique plunge pool creation. At Narellan Pools, we have a range of carefully curated accessories available for our clients to add a unique personal flair to your plunge pool.

Water Features

A plunge pool doesn’t just have to be a static body of water. Incorporating water features into your pool’s design transforms the space into a fluid piece of art. They also make for some great family fun.

Spa Jets

Not everybody wants to use their plunge pool for swimming all the time. Sometimes it’s just nice to relax in the warm and tranquil water. Spa jets add an extra dimension, transforming your swimming pool into a luxurious and relaxing spa experience without compromising usability.

Swim Jets

If your backyard doesn’t have the space for a large swimming pool suited to swimming laps, swim jets are just the accessory for you. These high-powered water jets work just like a treadmill, allowing you to get a workout in a pool of any size.


From late-night dips after work to parties going long into the night, pool lighting ensures you can use your pool whatever the time of day. We can help you select lighting solutions for your pool, from standard in-pool lighting to whole pool area solutions complete with customisable colours, creating the perfect addition to your plunge pool.


Swimming doesn’t have to be a seasonal activity. Keep your pool warm whatever the weather by opting for a pool heating solution – perfect for any plunge pool.


Nobody likes swimming in dirty and unclean water. With a range of pool cleaning accessories you can choose from, from manual solutions to automated robotic cleaners, you’ll be able to keep your new Narellan pool clean and healthy.


There are even automation accessories to keep your pool warm, light, and clean all with minimal effort. Automated heating and lighting solutions ensure that your pool is always ready to go, and robotic cleaning systems work tirelessly to keep your pool sparkling clean.

Working with Narellan Pools

Narellan Pools are experts at delivering high-quality, customised, and handcrafted fibreglass swimming pool solutions to our clients. We’re dedicated to creating unique and stunning fibreglass pool designs while working closely with our clients to add the bespoke finishing touches that make their pool personal.

With a wide range of fibreglass shells available to choose from, in a variety of shapes and colours and finished off with an extensive range of accessories, whatever your swimming pool vision, Narellan Pools has you covered.

Get in touch with the Narellan Pools team today to find out how you can customise your brand new plunge pool today.

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!