Choosing Your Swimming Pool Colour

Once upon a time selecting a swimming pool was an easy decision to make, with limited options in size, materials, colour, and finishes. Nowadays those decisions are harder than ever, but that’s a good thing! With the latest advances in fibreglass swimming pool technology, you have more choice and control over every aspect of your swimming pool’s design than ever before. 

Some parts of the design process can be easy as your options may be limited — backyard space dictating pool size and intended usage suggesting a shape and design — but one element of the design where you truly have endless possibilities is colour. Fibreglass pools are available in a wide range of colours, and choosing the right one is a key step in creating the look and feel of your new relaxing oasis. 

Your Unique Look 

The colour you choose for your swimming pool is largely down to the exact look and feel you want to create for your backyard space. Narellan Pools offer a wide range of colours to accommodate whatever the look and feel you are aiming for; a beautiful range of traditional blues; natural-feel sand and stone effects; modern sophisticated blacks, greys, and whites; and even a few rich natural greens. 

When selecting the colour for your pool, you should consider both the style of the pool itself and the rest of your backyard. If you haven’t budgeted for, or simply don’t want to remodel and landscape your whole yard space then it’s best to lean towards colours that will complement or contrast with your existing palette. 

Also, keep in mind that some colours will change depending on the lighting. As you would when painting your walls, it’s a good idea to take home some colour samples to look at over a few days in different lighting conditions. 

Marbleglass Finish 

Most of our colour options are available in our trademarked Marbleglass finish. By mixing and blending multiple shades of colour, our Marbleglass finish offers an unrivalled vibrancy and colour-fastness. And to top it off it’s both incredibly strong and chemical resistant, which we back by our 10-year surface warranty. 

Practical Considerations 

While the primary driving force in selecting your swimming pools colour and finish will be the look you wish to achieve, it’s worthwhile to consider a few of the practical elements of the colour options as well. 

The main practical differences are experienced when comparing light and dark colours. Luckily, that doesn’t limit you to a specific colour set or spectrum as the majority of our colours are available in several light and dark variants. 

When selecting a dark colour, you should keep in mind that in the summer sun dark colours will store heat much more efficiently. This can be a benefit as it will help to keep the pool warm and you may be able to save on heating costs. Dark pools also hide debris on the pool floor better than light coloured versions, although this can be easily handled by a good filter and regular cleaning. 

How Narellan Pools Can Help 

Narellan Pools have a long history of designing, constructing, and installing the highest quality fibreglass swimming pools. Our experience has allowed us to build up a range of pool designs to fit any backyard. Each of our high-quality fibreglass swimming pools is available in one of the following 20 stunning colours and finishes to allow you to create your own personal oasis. 

Blues: Blue Azurite, Blue Agate, Mediterranean Pearl, Aquamarine, Bermuda, Cobalt, Coral Blue

Sand/Stone: River Rock, Summer Stone, Summer Pearl, Bondi Sand, Narellan Sand

Green: Green Jadeite, Green Malachite

Monochromatic: Grey Quartz, Platinum Pearl, Whitehaven Pearl, Black Onyx, Silver Pearl, Slate

Contact the Narellan Pools team today to learn more about our full-colour range.

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!