Capturing your pool memories: Tips to take the best pool photos

You’ve decided on the perfect pool for your yard. It’s installed by your local Narellan Pools Builder. You and your family are ready for backyard bliss. Now what?

Capturing special memories, of course!

Photographing days in and around your swimming pool will ensure you have lovely memories to look back on whenever you choose, and there are many opportunities to get an array of stylish and fun photos in and of your pool.

Preparation is critical to getting the best pool photos. Don’t worry though – there’s no major work needed to have a great photography session. You just want to ensure you have what you need ready to go so you don’t miss anything.

Getting your Photography Ready

You may be using your smartphone or a full DSLR camera, but either way, you’ll be able to take photos you love. Try to position your devices to take advantage of the best angles and lighting (dawn and dusk can be beautiful times to photograph). If your phone is your camera, see if you can move your deck chair to different locations, so you can benefit from the best conditions. You could also use a drone for photos, so if you have one available to you, set it up prior to the swim session. Bring to the pool space anything you’d like to include in your photos, like pool toys, before your family and/or friends start swimming.

Prepping your Pool Space

Just as important as getting your tech ready is getting your pool area ready. Tidy up your pool space before you take photos; remove the pool cleaner after it cleans the pool, keep the pool cover rolled up, and put away any other objects that might detract from your photos, such as old pool toys or a garden hose. Also make sure your pool gate stays shut while taking photos.

Capturing Lifestyle Shots

Often, the best photos are those that showcase impromptu moments of happiness. Aim to capture smiling faces, mid-laughter moments, and the bliss of relaxing by the pool. Looking for inspiration for your social media pages? Take some snaps of creative and safe activities such as pool fishing, a poolside BBQ party, or get someone to take a photo of you lounging on a pool inflatable in the water, wearing sunglasses, a hat, and reading a book. You could even stand by the pool and get a selfie with everyone in the pool appearing behind you as well.

Pool Photos at their Best

If you’re thinking about getting some beautiful photos of your newly installed Narellan pool, you can draw inspiration from several sources, including Narellan Pools’ Gallery, our Facebook and Instagram pages, and the social media accounts of guest houses with Narellan pools. You’ll see how the photos shared on those pages showcase Narellan pools in varying degrees of light and from a number of angles. Your photos can truly highlight the beauty and uniqueness of your pool. Drone photography is incredible for capturing the whole pool in a single image, but if you’re using your smartphone, opt for close-ups of the water, water features, and the pavers as they meet the water. Focus on the different angles of your pool shape, and remember – the whole pool doesn’t need to be in the shot for it to be a standout picture!

Share your Photos with Narellan Pools

We at Narellan Pools love when our clients send us their photos to share on our social media pages. We are dedicated to creating the ultimate lifestyles with our pools, so it’s wonderful seeing your photos that show how our pools have allowed you to make many new memories. Whether all the family is having fun in the pool, you’re having an outdoor date night by the pool, or the kids are having a Sunday picnic poolside, the Narellan Pools lifestyle makes for fantastic photos!

If you’re posting your pool photos on your Instagram, be sure to tag us at @narellanpoolsnz so we can see how you’re loving your Narellan pool. If you’d like to share your pool lifestyle photos with us so we can post them on our social media pages, you can send them to us through a message to our Facebook. Make sure everyone is being pool-safe in the photos you share with us, and keep in mind that our brand is family-focused, so we won’t share photos that could be seen as inappropriate!

Be creative with your pool photography and enjoy being photographer! You’ll be glad your precious moments with friends and family have been preserved, when you have the photos to look back on years later!

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!