Above Ground Swimming Pool Installation — The Process

The above-ground pool installation process is easy and fast with Narellan Pools. The process starts with the conception, where a Narellan Pools designer will work closely with you to design the perfect pool solution that fits your lifestyle and the space you have available. This can often be the longest part of the process as it depends on how many design revisions and tweaks are required to arrive at the ideal solution. Once you and the designer have finalised the design, they will begin the process of acquiring any planning permissions, permits, or other legal documentation that may be required. The timeframe for this varies, but will usually be longer in the summer when local authorities are overrun with requests.

After the designs have been approved and all the relevant permits have been acquired, it’s time to start the installation of your above-ground pool. The first step is for the pool builder to begin preparing your backyard for the pool. This involves clearing away any obstacles from the pool’s chosen location and prepping the ground for when the pool arrives. Once the site has been cleared, it’s time for your pool to take shape.

Your specially-built above-ground shell will be delivered to your home and installed by your local Narellan Pools Builder. Equipment will then be fitted and then the structural element will lock your pool into place. Your freestanding above-ground pool is nearly ready to use. All that is left is to make the final checks for structural strength and quality, fill it up, and make the official handover where the Narellan Pools builder will talk you through the operation of your pool and how to best care for it.

Timing Your Installation Right

When planning your above-ground pool purchase and installation, it’s important to think about when might be the best time to have the installation completed. Many families opt to go for an installation in the summer so they can get the full benefit of their new pool right away, but that might not always be the best option. Installations in the winter off-season are often a much better choice for those looking for a new above-ground pool.

With summer being the peak of the pool installation and maintenance season, summer can be a very busy time for pool builders. This can often mean you face substantial delays in trying to find a booking slot. The increase in demand during the summer also puts a strain on the local council and permits authorities, potentially adding even further delay. In the winter, when demand isn’t as high, your new above-ground pool can be installed much faster and with a greater choice of time slots.

Another benefit of opting for an installation during the colder months is that your pool will be ready to go as soon as the weather begins to warm, often in early spring, adding extra time for your pool season. Heated pool upgrades further extend the window, letting you benefit from your new swimming pool straight away.

Above-ground Pool Installation with Narellan Pools

Narellan Pools are experts when it comes to offering high-quality pool products and installations. Our team has decades of experience in delivering premium pool products to our clients throughout New Zealand. We put the utmost care and attention into every pool we manufacture at our wholly-owned facility to ensure that we can deliver the quality guarantees that we have built our brand on. When it comes time for your installation, the Narellan Pools installation team will show the same care and attention we apply to our pool manufacturing to provide you with a smooth and hassle-free above-ground pool installation.

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We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!