Above-Ground Pools: Your Solution to a Sloping Backyard

If you’re considering putting a pool into your backyard, but your backyard is sloped due to the topography of the land on which your house sits, don’t stress. An above-ground pool will be key to making your vision a reality. While your dream swimming pool is certainly not out of the question, there are a number of considerations that will need to be made before and during above-ground pool installation. 

The installation of an in-ground pool in sloping terrain is far from ideal and in some cases, impossible. Due to the sloping terrain, installers would be required to dig down deeper to achieve level ground to place the pool’s fibreglass shell into in the first place. Never mind installing the pool itself and ensuring that it is level. Combine this with the construction of retaining walls, and the build gets even more costly. Simply, installing an in-ground pool in sloping terrain is a process that presents some frustrating challenges.

By far the better option for those with sloping backyards is an above-ground pool. 

Sloping backyards can pose a unique set of challenges for above-ground pool installation, but these challenges can be met with a variety of solutions. We’ll discuss some of these solutions below.

Build A Deck! 

One of the most obvious solutions, in order to find level ground when placing a pool in your backyard, is to build a level deck and place your above-ground pool there. You can even incorporate your pool into the deck itself and make the space complete with poolside seating in your own backyard.

Decking helps to provide a level surface to place the pool onto, or into, and is one possible solution to overcoming the slope of your backyard. It can also create a more cohesive look overall, and work to connect your pool with an outdoor entertaining space if that’s the goal.

Overflowing Infinity Pool 

One rather unique solution for sloped yards is to build an above-ground infinity pool. The infinity pool creates an optical illusion that the edge of the pool disappears, almost like a waterfall. In fact, like every other swimming pool, the walls are made with fibreglass or concrete, so there’s no danger of one falling over the edge. Water flows continuously over the edge of the infinity pool into a catchment basin and is then recycled into the top section of the pool. 

The infinity pool provides an option for those with sloping backyards, providing that the pool is built on the high section of the yard, to allow for the illusory nature of the infinity to fully be realised. 

Spa Pools 

A spa is one of the most obvious choices for those seeking to have a small slice of paradise in their sloped backyard. Typically, spa pools are smaller than regular free-standing pools and can be set inside decking, or sit on top of it. 

One of the best ways to get the most out of your sloping backyard space is to book a consult with your local Narellan Pools Builder. We can help you develop a solution to your topographical woes and provide you with a fibreglass pool and/or spa that works best for you and your backyard. Our experts will consult you on all things concerning the design of the pool itself and the space that surrounds it. We’ll guide you through choosing the type of pool that would be best for your terrain, including its size and shape. Square? Rectangular? There are so many shape options available, and plenty of sizes as well. 

Get in touch with us to book your consultation and let us help make your above-ground pool installation a smooth and seamless process so that you can soon be relaxing in your new pool.

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!