A Guide to Select the Right Colour for your Swimming Pool

When you start planning for a swimming pool design, the colour of the shell is one of the last things you’ll generally think about. But it’s also one of the most important, at least in relation to aesthetics. The colour you choose will not only determine the mood portrayed in the pool area, but it can also play a part in the increase in value your pool may bring – provided you choose well.

There are so many colours to choose from, though, and deciding on the best design for your home can be tricky. That’s why we’ve devised this guide, to help make the process a little easier for you. Here’s what you need to know.

How Important Is Pool Colour?

Colour is always going to be an important part of your pool. It not only determines the mood you have around the pool area, it can also play a huge part in the value of the pool. As such, you want to choose a colour that suits your backyard design – whether that means you want one that blends with the rest of your yard, or one that stands out.

Things To Consider When Choosing

1. Do you want your swimming pool to stand out in your backyard or fit in with the rest of the landscaping?

2. Will your pool blend in with the rest of your home’s and backyard’s design, or will it stand out as a focal point?

It’s important to remember that when you’re shopping for a pool shell the colour chips you see online or at a site visit aren’t the same colour you’ll see when it’s in your backyard, filled with water. For example, a pool shell that has a sandy colour will actually turn green once filled with water. Your local swimming pool builder will be able to tell you what to expect.

Light Pool Colours vs Dark Pool Colours

You have two main options when it comes to colour: light pool colours or dark pool colours. Each has its own benefits.

Darker pool shell colours for fibreglass pools are naturally warmer as they retain the heat of the sun, so they’re useful if you want to use your pool all year long. Darker colours are also good for hiding little imperfections – such as dirt and debris, during the months where you might not be using your pool as often. On the downside, it can be hard to see spiders and bugs hiding amongst the debris so you may end up swimming with nature.

Lighter fibreglass pools shells are often cooler than darker ones as they reflect the light and heat, making them ideal for hot summer days. They draw more attention to the pool itself, which also means you can see dirt and leaves easier – making it easier for ongoing maintenance and cleaning. Lighter colours are also great if the pool is in the shade, if you want to make the space look bigger, and if you want your swimming pool to stand out among your landscaping. On the downside, you can tell with a simple glance if there’s dirt or grime.

So, what colour do you want your pool to be? Here are some of the options you have to choose from with Narellan Pools – and the tone you’ll get from them once they are filled with water:

  • Uplifting & Refreshing tone: Blue Agate, Mediterranean Pearl, Whitehaven Pearl
  • Calming: Grey Quartz, Platinum Pearl, Silver Pearl
  • The Deep Ocean: Blue Azurite, Positano Blue
  • A Natural Waterhole: Summer Stone, Summer Pearl, River Rock, Bondi Sand
  • Deep Rainforest: Green Malachite, Green Jadeite
  • Bold Statement: Black Onyx

How To Choose

Now that you have your options, it’s time to choose. Start by looking at all the photos of the colours available, and what they look like when they are filled with water. Make a shortlist of a few that really stand out. Try not to compare them, but rather think about how they would make your backyard look. Use our lighter vs darker shades tips to decide on the right colour tone.

Next, look at your surroundings. Do you have existing landscaping, or have you already bought your surrounding tiles and pavers? If so, choose something to match. If not, you have an open book ready for creativity. Don’t be afraid to be bold and choose something completely different. Or you might prefer to play it safe and choose a colour that blends with the surroundings. Once you have some ideas in mind, ask your local pool builder if you can see a pool. This will help you make the final choice. If you’re ready to choose a colour for your swimming pool in New Zealand, get in touch with the team at Narellan Pools today. We can help you make the right choice for your home and family.

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!