9 Ways to Customise Your Pool

A swimming pool is an excellent addition to any backyard and one that will bring many years of fun and pleasure to you and your family. When adding a pool to your own private space, though, you don’t want something that everybody else has. While fibreglass swimming pools may come in pre-made designs, there is still a lot of room for customisation. Here are 9 of the best ways you can customise your swimming pool to create a unique and personal look and feel for your backyard. 

Shape and Size 

While many other factors may work together to create a unique look and feel for your swimming pool, no single factor will contribute as much as the shape and size of the pool itself. Narellan Pools offer a vast range of shapes and designs, each one available in several different sizes, to help you create a solid foundation for your other customisation options. 


Fibreglass swimming pools are coated with a gel finish to protect the raw fibreglass and discourage the growth of algae and other pool contaminants. Luckily for your customisation needs, the coatings are available in a range of stunning colours from some traditional blues and greens through to rustic modern stone and sand finishes, with many more in-between. 

Water Features 

You don’t always have to be in the swimming pool to enjoy its presence in your backyard. Adding one or more water features can provide a great visual statement and the tranquil sound of running water to time you spend in the backyard out of the pool.


Sometimes you want to take a dip in the water without having to worry about getting your exercise quota in. Spa features and water jets can be a great way to turn your pool into a multi-purpose area perfect for exercising and entertaining, but also great for relaxing and unwinding. 


The right choice of lighting can change the entire look and feel of a space, whether in the pool or out. With advances in lighting technology, specifically LEDs, it’s never been cheaper or easier to adding lighting to your swimming pool. The latest versions are also fully tuneable so you can get the perfect colour and brightness to match your overall design. 


Be able to use the pool year-round ensures you get the best return on your investment. Nothing beats getting into nice cool water in the summer, while also being able to warm up on cool winter and autumn evenings. Adding a high-quality heating system will ensure you can enjoy your swimming pool whatever the weather brings. 


Customising your cleaning solutions may sound boring, but nobody likes a dirty, murky swimming pool. While it’s perfectly feasible to keep the pool clean manually with regular skimming and chemical treatments if you want to make things easier and less time-consuming you could consider upgrading to a robotic cleaner. Robotic cleaners work much like robotic vacuums, working their way around the pool collect debris and keeping things clean — the perfect solution to guarantee a clean pool with minimal work! 


 You’ve got lighting, heating, and possible robotic cleaning. What could make all this even better? Automating it all, of course. Automatic pool management means you never have to lift a finger. Your swimming pool will always be perfectly lit, ideally heated, and will maintain the optimum water chemistry with little to no intervention from you. 


Ok, so this one isn’t related directly to the pool itself, nonetheless, landscaping the yard are around the swimming pool is worthy of consideration when discussing customisation. A landscaped space, complete with new decking, helps to tie everything together and truly showcase your unique design and style choices. 

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