5 Tips For Indulging In A Staycation In New Zealand

With limited international flights and many borders still closed, most of us won’t be travelling too far from home this summer. But paradoxically, even though going away on holiday is pretty difficult, all the emotional stress caused by the pandemic has made it even more essential we find a way to take a break, rest up for a bit, and recharge. So, it seems like staycations are going to be pretty popular for at least the next few months. There are so many benefits of taking a staycation, so we’ve listed some of the best ones below.

Set A Budget

People assume that they won’t indulge enough on a staycation, yet they actually end up overspending. Delivered meals for a few dinners might sound great, but that will certainly add up quickly. By setting aside a little funny money for your time off, you’ll be able to stay within sensible financial limits while still giving yourself permission to treat yourself a little bit. Besides, by setting up a budget, you can reflect on how much money you’re actually saving by relaxing around at home in your inground spa instead of buying drinks at a swim-up bar in Bali.

Prep Your Home

Start getting all your housework and other errands done in the week or so before taking your time off. You might even consider hiring a cleaner to come and clean your home for you while you put your feet up for a bit. A few holiday-themed decorations will also help set up that vacation mood. Opt for some new 1000 thread count sheets, buy some new swimming pool accessories or pool equipment, get yourself some of those little umbrellas for your margaritas, and literally anything else you can think of to help make your home feel that extra bit special.

Turn Off Your Phone

While it’s essential to put your phone away while you’re on any vacation, it’s even more so during a staycation. Whether that means turning off your phone, putting it on Do Not Disturb, turning off notifications from the unimportant apps, or even temporarily deleting work apps, you are supposed to be recharging your life, not your phone. If for whatever reason you can’t completely disconnect from your phone, you should at the very least set aside small, allocated windows that you check-in. Besides, you don’t want to accidentally drop your phone in your plunge swimming pool.

Make Some Memories

Often the most valuable part of any vacation isn’t the going away, but rather savouring the memories of all the adventures you had when you inevitably come back to reality. So, make sure that your staycation comes back with you by treating yourself with a little something to remember it by. Enjoy some well-deserved pamper time, play some board games with the family, splurge on a luxury grazing board, and snap plenty of selfies just like you would if you were half a world away.

Enjoy Your Pool

Nothing makes a staycation feel like a vacation more than relaxing around a contemporary swimming pool with a few cool drinks. Glam up your swimming pool design with some green mood lighting around your garden, or some blue lights inside. Get some inflatable pool rings, some inflatable drink holders, and some pool noodles. Most importantly, spend time with your loved ones having plenty of fun in the pool. If you don’t have the room or the budget for a normal fibreglass pool, an inground plunge pool is an affordable option, so that you’re all set for your next staycation.

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