100 days until Summer Begins – Get Ready!

2020 is flying by, and now we are only 100 days away from summer! It’s August 23rd, so spring is about to arrive, and with it, warmer weather! We’re all becoming very aware that this next summer is going to be very different to summers in previous years.

The impact of COVID-19 globally has been substantial, and the airline industry has been one of the industries most affected by the pandemic. As a result, international travel will likely be off the cards for a while yet, so we’ll likely be spending much more time at home these summer holidays.

There’s no need to have a boring summer at home, though. There are so many ways you can get more enjoyment and use out of your home, and your backyard is a great place to start.

Over winter, backyards quickly become unkempt and untidy due to poor weather and less use. The grass doesn’t get mowed as much, tools collect dust as they sit unused in the shed, and wet weather turns our outdoor entertaining areas into muddy messes.

With more comfortable weather returning very shortly, you’ll be keen to get outside and enjoy the warmth, so it won’t be helpful to have an untidy or dysfunctional backyard!

Don’t worry if your backyard in its current state does not encourage you to spend time in it. Below, we have a few tips on upgrading your backyard, to transform it into the perfect destination for resting, relaxing and recharging.

Clean out the shed

Take advantage of cooler weather now to clean up your backyard. Don’t just talk about the jobs you want to get done in the yard – write them down. It’s a good idea to have a list of jobs you want to tackle, and to allocate days and times for them.

Every backyard has its own features, but when it comes to tidying up, there are some key features that will likely need attention: the shed/s, alfresco/outdoor entertaining area, and garden areas with a lot of foliage.

Like most spring cleans, a backyard cleanup can involve a fair bit of work and time, but once your plan is completed, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful space that you’ll want to have guests over to enjoy!

If you have a shed, conduct a stocktake of the items in there, and see what needs to be thrown out. Look for things like broken tools, or items you don’t use any more – they will take up space, so get rid of them! By doing this, you’ll also be able to determine what items you actually need. Consider what your gardening plans are and make a note of any tools you need to buy to complete the jobs on your list.

Where you place items in the shed is also important. For instance, putting potting mix at the back of the shed behind the lawn mower and other large items won’t be helpful if you’re going to use it regularly. Place items where you can access them as you need them.

A backyard tidy-up

After winter weather has made its impact, your outdoor table and chairs will likely need a clean-up. Make sure you use the right cleaning products for the material of your entertaining sets. Be careful as well – there could be creepy crawlies underneath the table and chairs, so ensure an outdoor pest spray is used and any cobwebs are removed. You can also have a pest control business come to your property to fumigate outdoor spaces. Check for insects before sitting down at your table and chairs!

In your garden spaces, focus on removing weeds, fallen twigs and leaves, tidying up hedges, and pruning any overgrown plants. While these jobs never really end, they definitely improve how your yard looks!

Planting for summer

If you haven’t done much gardening in the past, now is the perfect opportunity to learn how to be a green thumb!

Start planting select flowers, veggies and herbs now so your backyard can be a welcoming paradise come summertime.

With spring just about here, there are some wonderful plant options to add a pop of floral colour to your backyard. Think sunflowers, geraniums and petunias for a bright garden bed.

Veggie and herb gardens can make your backyard more useful and appealing. With fresh food growing in your yard, you will likely cut your grocery bill, and preparing meals will be a breeze. Also, when you have people over for outdoor dinner parties, they’ll see your gardening efforts on full display! Veggie and herb gardens are also a great way to get the kids involved, providing an opportunity for them to learn new skills and see the results of their hard work.

You can find all the supplies you need for a veggie or herb garden at a hardware or gardening supplies store.

Late winter and early spring are perfect for tackling the backyard jobs you’ve been delaying. Take advantage of the cooler weather to get your hands dirty, and you’ll be thanking yourself for the time and energy you invested, when summer arrives!

The ultimate at-home holiday

A backyard upgrade doesn’t have to be time-intensive or complicated. In fact, one of the best ways to enhance its style and functionality doesn’t involve any manual labor on your part at all.

An outstanding, high-quality fibreglass swimming pool from Narellan Pools will certainly take your backyard to new levels of enjoyment. A multi-purpose addition to your property, a Narellan pool will align with your lifestyle, vision, backyard and budget.

As summer draws near, you’ll likely be thinking about how you and your family can have fun together and keep cool. While travelling overseas is not an option right now, you don’t have to give up on a holiday. You can have a summer staycation with your very own Narellan pool.

A Narellan pool provides a dedicated space at your property for relaxing, exercising, and making memories with loved ones. We know your Narellan pool will help you to re-connect with those important to you, and have that well-earned break. Summer after summer, season after season, your Narellan pool will be there to enjoy for years to come.

Designing the pool of your dreams is an easy and enjoyable process with Narellan Pools. Our huge range of designs is sure to impress, with pool shapes and sizes to suit all sorts of backyards.

A small backyard can still have a pool! Talk to us about having a compact pool constructed at your place.

Does your backyard slope? Your local Narellan Pools Builder can talk to you about our free-standing above ground pools, that offer a great solution for sloped or rocky yards.

Once you’ve decided your perfect pool shape, you’ll have the fun task of choosing a colour from our fantastic range. Our Marbleglass range features unique technology that blends solid colours together to deliver vibrant tones that are not only more colour fast, but also less susceptible to UV degradation. The Marbleglass range of colours includes beautiful blues and greens, sandy and rocky tones, and also monochromatic shades.

We know it’s exciting to create the vision for your pool space, so to help you in your decision-making, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in the Gallery on the Narellan Pools website.

With just 100 days left until summer begins, now is the time to plan the construction of the pool of your dreams. Our local Pool Builders have limited spots over the next few months, so get in quick!

For an uncomplicated and enjoyable journey to the pool you’ve always wanted, reach out to your local Narellan Pools Builder today!

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools!