Narellan Pools Nelson / Tasman builds inground fibreglass swimming pools across the Nelson, Tasman and surrounding districts.

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At Narellan Pools Nelson / Tasman, we pride ourselves on quick efficient service where you can have your swimming pool installed within three days of its arrival.  We have extensive experience with all types of installations including difficult hill sites and can provide advice on all aspects of the installation process.

Narellan Pools Nelson / Tasman offers a large network of contractors to aid in the improvement of your pool surroundings from fencing and paving to mood lighting. The moulded one-piece fibreglass pool is manufactured to the exact size and shape required with the option of fresh or salt water. Quality control is paramount to give their clients the best in a strong and reliable swimming pool. Narellan Pools Nelson / Tasman can put together a package to suit your requirements for covers and filters and heating options include heat pumps, gas, electric or solar heating.

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* Terms and Conditions: Pool contracts between 1 July – 31st July 2020.

Swimming Pool Installation in Nelson

No city in the South Island is as old as Nelson. Established in 1841, this city has become the most populous in that part of the world. It has come to be known for its activity in the crafts and local arts scene. There is a huge number of artists, galleries and craftspeople residing there.

Once per year, the city hosts tourists and locals in an arts festival. As part of recreation, the visitors and locals swarm to places with swimming pools. Summers in Nelson are warm so having your own personal swimming pool is a huge advantage. Narellan Pools has a large range of swimming pools, suitable for any scenario. To view our entire range you can click here.

Types of Swimming Pools and Plunge Pools

If you don’t have a pool already but have space here are some swimming pool and plunge pool options you can have installed:

The Symphony Pool

If you are looking for a swimming pool with child safety features, the Symphony Pool is an excellent choice. The perimeter around the pool is made in such a way that the ledge is safe for children. This pool is liked for its shape. It brings to your compound a combination of sophistication and elegance. It has modern clean lines while at the same time being functional.
The gradual depth of the pool makes it ideal for a home when you are a learner. It has wide steps with a ledge to sit on along the swimming pool length. The surfaces are non-slip and very durable. The pool is engineered to withstand different weather conditions.

The Eden Pool

Like the Symphony Pool, this pool is made with non-slip surfaces. It is an ideal pick if you have limited space as the design of the pool can be made to suit your space.  The pool has bench seating and is a great shape for swim jets. It is available as a saltwater or mineral water pool. The Eden Pool is a single depth pool so it is ideal for low-intensity exercise.

The Free-Standing Pool

This is a great option when you have a sloping backyard and it eliminates the need for retaining walls. For many who thought the option of having a pool was not feasible or possible, this option is the way to go. You can choose from the pool designs and speak to your local pool builder to go through your options.

The Serene Pool

The Serene Pool design is an excellent balance between style and functionality. It allows you to get an unobstructed view to a scene of your choice. This pool is ideal for entertaining guests. – it is installed with long benches for you and your guests to sit and relax. The depth of this pool ranges from 1.2M to 1.75M.

The Madeira

The Madeira is the most preferred pool by people who want sleek designs. The geometric shape of this pool brings a touch of elegance to your Nelson home. The Madeira comes with a gradually increasing depth. The wading depth helps anyone who wants to learn to swim.

The Panama

The Panama is about comfort. Even though it has a single depth, this pool is excellent for people who swim for exercise. The functional design of this pool features steps to get in on both sides along the length. This makes the pool very practical for relaxing and swimming for exercise.

If you are in the market for buying a new swimming pool in Nelson or Tasman, contact Narellan Pools to organise a free pool consultation and quote.

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