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Narellan Pools NZ specialises in fibreglass swimming pools. For over 47 years, we’ve earned a stellar reputation for building the best and most loved swimming pools in the region. We also have an international footprint. Narellan’s global presence includes locations in Australia, New Zealand, The South Pacific, The Middle East, Europe and North America.

We’ve been in New Zealand for over 12 years and have become one of New Zealand’s most respected swimming pool companies due to our commitment to our clients and partnerships with local professionals that offer first-rate customer service while delivering world-class results.

At the core of Narellan Pools NZ is a desire to make a difference by giving back to the communities in which we operate locally, nationally and internationally. Please visit Narellan Pools Australia or Canada to find out more.

Commitment to Quality

With 47 years of experience comes 47 years of innovation. Engineering, science and technology have resulted in the creation of the world’s best fibreglass swimming pool shell. Narellan’s proprietary gel coat and laminate construction ensures that our in-ground pools withstand all climate conditions and soil types in any location – worldwide.

 Narellan Pools NZ has always maintained a commitment to quality; our stringent quality control and checks at each stage of the swimming pool construction process guarantees every one of our fibreglass pools are manufactured for optimum strength and durability. The Narellan Pools NZ Brand is sought after all over the world because of our expertise in manufacturing and construction, superior quality and approach to innovation.

Our in-ground fibreglass swimming pools are also manufactured in Australia at our state-of-the-art ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing facilities. As a manufacturer, we want to ensure your investment is future proof.

We work hard to provide for hassle-free ownership of your pool and include a manufacturer’s inground lifetime structural warranty* on structural defects so that you can enjoy your new pool knowing we’ve got you covered. Each pool also comes with our Pool Owner’s Manual – a comprehensive document that helps you keep your pool in an optimum state.  By following the manual, you ensure your warranty is valid and your pool is clean, safe, healthy and ready to stand the test of time.

At Narellan Pools NZ our reputation has always been built on a solid foundation of quality and integrity.  We strive to provide stress-free customer service for you during and after your pool installation. That’s why we’ve provided a dedicated Client Care team to help throughout the installation process and at any time in the future to answer any questions regarding your pool and its construction.

The Fibreglass Pool Advantage

Narellan Pools NZ specialises in manufacturing and selling fibreglass swimming pools for a reason. We feel fibreglass offers exceptional quality and longevity and is simply the best option for in-ground pools. Our pools have multiple benefits including:

        Shells manufactured to the highest standard for maximum durability and resilience to last a lifetime.

        A Lifetime Structural Warranty for all fibreglass inground swimming pool shells.

        Shells that are flexible and adjust with ground conditions instead of cracking as concrete pools may.

        Unique engineering to withstand all weather conditions.

        Aquaguard® gel coats to protect your in-ground pool against algae and bacteria growth, UV damage and fading.

        Embedded microchips in each fibreglass shell pool that enables access to all quality certifications and checks conducted throughout both the construction and the lifetime of the pool.

Our Commitment to You

We make backyard dreams come true by delivering the world’s best and most loved client experience. Narellan Pools NZ is dedicated to offering superior quality products at all times. We also operate with integrity and respect, personalised service and uncompromising professional advice. Our network of local pool builders are expertly trained and fully qualified, making us your natural choice when purchasing an in-ground swimming pool.  Enquire now for a free consultation.

We also understand you. Our network of local swimming pool builders and professionals know that purchasing a swimming pool is a significant decision. That’s why we ensure you are taken through the entire process by professionals who diligently answer questions to help you every step of the way choosing and installing your fibreglass swimming pool.

These professionals provide custom tailoring of solutions that meet your needs at your desired budget and provide you with all the details you need up front to help you make an informed decision. There’s no hidden costs or undesirable surprises with Narellan Pools NZ. From beginning to end, a professional is there for you to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Narellan Pools NZ has a unique five-step swimming pool construction and installation process that ensures building your dream in-ground pool is not only thorough but expedient so you can get right to enjoying your new pool in less time than you think. We want you to be able to benefit from a process that offers the least amount of disruption to your everyday life as possible, and we work to be transparent every step of the way.

With a wide range of pool designs to suit any home or landscape, Narellan Pools NZ can help you create a beautiful and unique backyard curated to your exact tastes and preferences.

Contact Narellan Pools NZ today to learn more about us or to enquire about our fibreglass swimming pool range.

*Disclaimer: For more information in relation for the Narellan Pools NZ warranty (including warranties on the surface or above ground pools, warranty coverage, applicable warranty periods, conditions for making a claim and warranty exclusions) ask your local pool builder.

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