The Finishing Touches

Jul 11, 2017

July 11, 2017

Narellan Pools only supply the best quality equipment and extras. Our pool consultants are all experts in giving you the right advice on the best equipment for your pool including:


Narellan Pools is a one stop shop for your complete pool package. From filters, pumps, chlorinators, to skimmer boxes and fittings, we provide you with superior quality products from leading manufacturers in the industry. We know that a perfect pool begins with clean, clear water.

Narellan Pools has an exclusive partnership with Poolrite Equipment. This enables us to offer high quality products endorsed by both companies. This partnership also enables us to offer you a FREE extended warranty when equipment is purchased for your pool.

Spa, Therapy, Swim Jets

Bubbling Spa Nook

Delight your senses and enjoy a relaxing spa experience as masses of swirling bubbles gently prod your cares away.

Air Bed

Soothing, bubbling water designed and crafted to indulge your body with relaxation and invigoration.

Swim Jets

The luxury of a lap pool is now yours at a fraction of the cost. Creating an artificial current to swim against for therapy, fitness and aerobic exercise, the swim jets allow the strongest swimmer the physical training of a continuous lap pool. Variable swim resistance challenges any calibre of swimmer with diverter valves that enable you to control the flow and the intensity of your workout.

Pool Accessories

Automatic pool cleaners

There is a large of range of automatic suction pool cleaners available on the market. They are simple to install, easy to use and fit every application of pool design so you can be sure of superior cleaning performance.

Solar, gas and electric heating

Heating is an inclusion that any home owner should consider. In all climates, bar the tropics, pool heating will keep the swimming pool at a comfortable temperature and therefore extend the months of practical use and enjoyment experienced by all the family.

Pool Covers

A pool cover performs a multitude of tasks. Keeping the pool clean and reducing heat loss overnight are the most obvious. Covers also keep out the dirt and dust, and help reduce water evaporation by 97%. For more information, ask you Narellan representative.

Water Features

Water features are a great way to enhance your poolscape and add the finishing touch to your pool. They add elegance, excitement and movement, helping to bring your pool to life. Narellan Pools offer an exclusive water feature in Narellan Sand that will complement any Narellan Pool.

Under Water Pool Lights

Create an inviting backyard environment after the sun goes down. Underwater lights are a must for night time pool safety and enjoyment.

Security pool fencing

The fencing of an outdoor swimming pool is mandatory and requires the approval of a Building Certifier. Ask your pool consultant if they can assist you with the erection of a complying fence as a part of the pool installation.

Contact your local Narellan agent today for any of the above and/or more special features for your pool on 0508 4 POOLS (76657)

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